Zack from "Jerry Rig Everything" Constructs an Off-road Wheelchair for his Wife who loves Adventures.

Zack from "Jerry Rig Everything" Constructs an Off-road Wheelchair for his Wife who loves Adventures.

Cambry Kaylor, a former champion equestrian vaulter, lost the use of her legs but was gifted an off-road wheelchair by her husband.

In 2005, Cambry Kaylor underwent an accident during training that left her paralyzed. Since she was an athlete all her life, this left her devastated.

Although it did not stop her from pursuing her passion, and she kept training future athletes in her beloved sport. Moreover, she did not lose her spirit of adventure either.

Unfortunately, there are not many wheelchairs on the market that allow users to go for off-roading and the ones that are available cost as much as a new car.

Luckily, Cambry’s husband is one of the world’s most famous tech enthusiasts who has been the brains behind a lot of innovative stuff.

Zack, her husband, decided to surprise her with an off-road wheelchair that will make her life easier and less dependent.




This is by far one of the most famous projects on his YouTube channel "JerryRigEverything". It is a -electric off-road wheelchair made using two electric bicycles. The idea was so simple and genius that the video went viral, having received more than 7.5 million views since its premiere.



It has been built using lightweight materials from the world of electric bicycles, drastically lowering the cost of entry and even allowing for customization and can go a maximum of 12 MPH for up to 20 miles in a single charge.




The best part is, its rugged wheels can handle everything from rocky terrain, sandy beaches, and even snow.




The chair is finally up for sales. However, you have to understand that the device is not a fine-tuned medical device, and requires the same sort of maintenance and tune-ups (and helmet) a bicycle would.




It is called not-a-wheel-chair, by the way.

Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Instagram

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