Young Mom Gives Birth To Nine Babies After Only Seven Spotted On Ultrasound.

Young Mom Gives Birth To Nine Babies After Only Seven Spotted On Ultrasound.

A very rare pregnancy has made it to the world headline news as a young Mali mom gives birth to 9 healthy babies. Reportedly, the mom herself didn't know that she will be giving birth to 9 babies as her doctors initially told her about 7 babies because they themselves didn't spot the babies.

A young woman from Mali has given birth to nine children which are two more than what her doctors told her, as her doctors themselves were not able to spot the two during the whole pregnancy period, as per Mali's health ministry.

Halima Cisse, 25, was thought to be carrying seven babies, according to ultrasounds that were taken ahead of her birth, but eventually delivered nine babies after she was flown from her home country to Morocco for a cesarean section.

Credit: Mali Health Ministry


The woman's unique pregnancy has garnered attention from the world especially from the leaders of the West African nation.

Back in March, doctors said that the woman might be needing specialist care and thus, the decision was taken by transitional leader Bah Ndaw to send her off to Morocco.
Once there, she gave birth to five girls and four boys, the ministry said.

Credit: Mali Health Ministry


Malian health minister Fanta Siby told AFP: "The mother and babies are doing well so far."

Sibysays that she has been kept up to date on the pregnancy by the Malian doctor who accompanied Cisse throughout her pregnancy journey to Morocco. She says that the mother and her newborn children will flow back home in a few weeks. 

 Despite that, a spokesperson for the health ministry in Morocco Rachid Koudhari said that he had no knowledge of a birth such as this one taking place in any of the hospitals in the North African country.

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As per the local media, doctors and the medical staff were really concerned and were not sure that the mother or the babies will do well during labor as it is really rare to give birth to seven children let alone 9 babies. So, medical complications are extremely commonplace and can often mean that some of the children do not survive.
However, the health ministry later reported that the children are 'doing well'.

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In a statement - translated from French - they wrote: "In this happy circumstance, the Minister of Health and Social Development thanks the transitional President, whose political leadership and generosity made it possible to expedite and ensure financial support for the medical evacuation of Halima Cisse.

"[The ministry] welcomes the support of Halima's family...the Minister of Health and Social Development congratulates the medical teams in both Mali and Morocco whose professionalism is the reason behind the happy outcome of this pregnancy."
They concluded: "The Minister of Health and Social Development wishes a long life to both the babies and their mother."

Credit: Mali Health Ministry


Source: LadBible

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