People Are Peeling Their Chicken Nuggets And We No-Get It!

People Are Peeling Their Chicken Nuggets And We No-Get It!

As of late, a rather unusual photo has sent netizens into a frenzy over the so-called 'naked' nuggets. What do you think about them?

With regards to chicken nuggets, there are a lot of approaches to cook them and even dress them up. However, if you ask us, McDonald's nuggets are commendably tasty and they have the right to be eaten exactly as they are – with golden fried skin and a dipping sauce!

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Yet some prefer them baked, others like them fried. Also, a few people may lean toward dipping them in a variety of sauces, while others simply chomp on them plain. Be that as it may, have you at any point taken a stab at peeling the nuggets? Yes, clearly that is a thing now, however, the world wide web is in not really amused. 

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Recently, Diamond Spruill-Rice (who goes by the handle @kiingdiime on Twitter) who is a major McDonald's fan almost annihilated the web by posting a photo online that indicates his rather offbeat method of devouring one of America's most-loved fast food. For no good reason to us, he likes peeling the skin off of every chicken nugget, leaving the meat exposed.


He chose to upload a photo of a recent snack buy to Twitter recently — McDonald's Chicken McNuggets and four sauces. His photograph was accompanied by a straightforward statement that has since gone viral on the web, making him a known name. "If you know you know" the caption read.


The horrendous photograph demonstrates five nuggets — bare as the day they were conceived and accompanying their exposed, butchered backs are four open dipping sauce plates. And keeping in mind that the scenery of these bare looking pieces is quite appalling, it didn't really become a web sensation until Friday when a Facebook user who passes by the name of Sameer Jafri reposted the alarming picture with the caption, "Do y' all peel your nuggets?" 


And to the dread of thousands of individuals who saw this photograph, a heap of destroyed, deep fried batter can be seen placed in the opposite compartment. The batter that once encased those poor, cold chicken bites! Furthermore, to state the web was appalled by the carefully peeled pieces would be an understatement.

Source: Imgur (For representational purposes only)

The post went viral almost instantly, with in excess of 5,000 individuals commenting on what has been portrayed as a "monstrous" act. "I’m about to have a stroke," one man wrote. Several others declared they were "deeply, deeply disturbed!" 


In any case, maybe significantly more disturbing than the original post is the fact that there are a couple of individuals who asserted (years back!) that they actually appreciate peeling off the fried covering on chicken nuggets and eating them first before devouring the meat inside! "My darkest secret is that when I eat chicken nuggets I peel off the skin and eat that first," wrote one user. 


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