You Can Now Gift Your Husband A Pair Of SHORTS With Your Face All Over Them!

You Can Now Gift Your Husband A Pair Of SHORTS With Your Face All Over Them!

Dress your man up like the 'perfect' lover with these brand-new beach shorts when he's out having fun with the guys. Hmm...

Occasionally, it's great to remind your life partner about your true importance in their life - generally, by sending a selfie while they're grinding away- the odd snaps on a night out on the town, and well, maybe...um, your face put over their swim shorts! That's correct, you read that completely right. Presently, all thanks to YesCustom, you can purchase your sweetheart a couple of shorts that are actually canvassed in your own face!


The rather hilarious apparel, named the Custom Face Funny Men's Swim Trunk, makes the perfect pre-vacation present for your hubby! The description on the site reads, "Print your face all over a real men's swim trunk. Cheer you up or show your love and support your loved one with your awesome idea." 


Intrigued? Well, to get the offbeat garment, you simply need to upload a photograph of yourself and the design team will get cracking at a cut-out of your face to print all the swim trunks. Just ensure, it's a photograph that'd make your hubby want to run and come home into your arms almost instantly. 


The trunks cost just $30, which is a quite sensible cost with regards to being the primary subject of your hubby's contemplations when he's out playing around with the folks. In the event that you want to go above and beyond, the brand likewise sells customizable swim shorts with the words 'I Love You' on them. Yep, that'll surely do it for him and his friends! 


The brand has additionally got something for the women: bathing suits which you can cover with any face of your choice. You can switch the roles and get your hubby's face on one while sporting that smoking beach body. Or if not that, how about your furry little companion? Yes, you can even get a swimsuit with your pet's face on it. 


The item is known as the Custom Cute Dog's Face Women's One Piece Swimsuit, however, whether you possess a cat, dog, guinea pig or parrot, the customization company will literally print anything you'd want them to for the said price. Now as strange as it may all sound, however, the self-printed clothing has been in fashion for quite some time now. 


Previously, a lady became a web sensation via social media platforms sometime in the past in the wake of compelling her beau to wear a shirt with her face on it for a night on the town, which read, "If your [sic] reading this you've been looking at my man for too long," Holly Cockerill purchased the tee for her boyfriend, Karl Hennan before he went for a birthday night out with the young men.


The shirt additionally included a photograph of Holly glaring, alongside a notice to other ladies that expressed, "This is how I'd be looking at you if I was here. HI, I'm Holly, his GIRLFRIEND!" Uploading the image on Twitter that indicated Karl wearing the shirt - in which he can be seen feigning exacerbation while Holly smiles behind him - she composed, "Don't think Karl likes the new top I got him for his birthday x wear it with pride hun x." 


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