World's Last Known White Giraffe Fitted With GPS Tracker To Protect It From Poachers.

World's Last Known White Giraffe Fitted With GPS Tracker To Protect It From Poachers.

After mother giraffe & a calf was killed by armed men in Kenya, a few months ago. This last white giraffe is fitted with a tracker to keep it safe. The giraffe has a rare genetic condition called leucism, which causes the loss of skin pigmentation.

An extremely rare white giraffe has been fitted with a tracking device for its protection after its family was killed by poachers. These three were the only ones spotted till now but now this calf is only one left. 


Hirola Conservation Program


This giraffe which is under the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in southeast Kenya is known to have a rare genetic condition called leucism. This condition causes partial loss of pigmentation in skin. This condition isn't the same as albinism as the soft tissues in the giraffe are producing pigmentation as in the eyes of the giraffes. 

The giraffe was fitted with a tracking device on one of its horns back in November,  the Northern Rangelands Trust reported.


Ishaqbini Community Conservancy


This beautiful and unique white giraffe is the world's only one now, although another was spotted in Tanzania in 2015 but never seen again.

The tracking GPS device will send hourly updates on the giraffe's whereabouts, so the security can monitor its movements on a regular basis and keep it safe from poachers.


Ishaqbini Community Conservancy


The unique coloration is making the giraffe dangerously vulnerable to poachers in the wilderness. Also, the attention the giraffe is gaining can be dangerous. As the two other white giraffes in the conservancy, a female and her calf, were killed a few months back by poachers, and the concerns are mounting for the remaining only one.



Back to when these white giraffes were spotted they sparked tourism in Kenya and many visitors were there to see them. Then also, the female giraffe who was killed by the armed men was guarding her little calf as they know the attention can be dangerous. 

But this is a part of their normal behaviour and these white giraffes are totally similar to the normal ones and do not have any issues in survival because of leucism. 

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