Woman’s love for plant made her turn her room into a beautiful indoor jungle.

Woman’s love for plant made her turn her room into a beautiful indoor jungle.

This woman from New Zealand says her plants give her a purpose of life and has turned her room into an indoor jungle with more than 100 different plants.

Shanna Smith from New Zealand has a very different taste when it comes to interior design. I am pretty sure most of us will not be comfortable living in a small room with more than 100 plants but for her, these plants are something that help her get up in the morning.




Over a course of two years, she slowly increased her collection of plants and gave her room a makeover that makes it look like an indoor jungle which she likes to call her "bedroom jungle".




After coming up with this unique idea, she decided to make a public Instagram profile to help others live her dream as well.
She has A LOT of plants. 110, to be exact.




When asked why she has so many plants, she replied,

“Having all the plants in my bedroom makes it feel more serene, but also more alive.”

She has a plant-loaded dedicated reading corner as well, which she says is very sacred to her.





She explained,

“I love just sitting in the little spaces I've created, whether it's on my bed in the sunshine with the trailing plants, or in my little occasional chair surrounded by all my other plants.”

Like most plant owners, she considers her plants integral to her life. These plants give her life a purpose and have totally changed her life.




They're a great way to keep herself in tune with her own body, too.




She says,

“They give me something to care for, and when I have no motivation the routine for caring for them gives me something to do. They also remind me to care for myself as well.”

Shanna lives with her parents who aren't big fans of indoor plants. Every time she bought a plant, she'd naturally bring it into her own room. Over time, the collection grew and grew.




It took her a while to make her plants work in her room. She took her time to figure out her style and the way she wanted her plants to look.




She plans on loading the house with plants once she has a place of her own. Till then, she will stick to her one-room indoor jungle.




If you want some plant related tips head on to her page.

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Article Source: Diply

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