Woman who flipped off Trump decided to run for office and has now defeated the local Republican.

Woman who flipped off Trump decided to run for office and has now defeated the local Republican.

The woman who flipped of ex-president Donald Trump’s motorcade was fired from work. As a revenge, she decided to run for the office herself and has now sworn in after defeating the local republican.

Around 4 years back, you might have heard about a woman who showed the then-president Donald Trump a middle finger while she was passing his motorcade on a bicycle. That woman was Juli Briskman.



After her little escapade with the newly elected president of America in 2017, her employers were asked by Trump to fire her that instance. As expected, they went with the president’s orders and Briskman was asked to file in a resignation later that day. She was told if she does not do as she is told, she would be fired on account of violence and defamation.



Briskman was so enraged by the whole situation, that as a result of her dismissal from her day job, she decided to run for the office.
The 53-year-old refused to be side tracked by the system like this and went on to win in a local election, and she has since been sworn in as the supervisor for the Algonkian District of Loudoun County, Virginia. Briskman now sits on the Local Board of Supervisors that oversees legislation for Loudoun County's leisure facilities - including Trump's golf course.

After she was forced to leave her job, she was called for an interview at the Guardian. There she said that she had no regrets about her decision to flip off the then-president and said that the incident had actually inspired her to run for office herself. She explained,

“He is just that bad. I just wanted to make sure he saw me. It's not that often someone gets that opportunity to express their opinion to the highest elected official in the land.”

She also explained what developments had happened at the office since she joined on Twitter.
She revealed that she has helped removed confederate statue, installed bike lanes, managed the county's budget and COVID relief programs, and officially apologized for school segregation, and she has established an environmental commission too. She also announced that her new gun ordinance bill will be going up for approval next week.



Briskman has been a resident of Loudoun County for more than 20 years. Hence, she considers the area her home and is working hard to make it a better place.

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Article and Image Source: VT

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