Woman Shares What Life Is Like In A Town Where Everyone Lives In The Same Building.

Woman Shares What Life Is Like In A Town Where Everyone Lives In The Same Building.

Janessa shares what it's like living in a town where everyone lives in the same building except for few people. According to Janessa, everyone living together is super convenient for the town but because of the fact that they all grew up together, dating and forming relationships is a tricky part.

A town in the US has become famous on social media due to the reason almost everyone in the town lives in the same building. 

Whittier in Alsaka is a town that was settled in the 1940s and has a population of around 318 people with the majority living together in a 14 storey building called Begich Towers. The building is a former army barracks and even has a police station, a health center, a shop, and a church. 

The rest of the 5% of the population lives in another building called Mannor which is comparatively much smaller. 

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 One of the residents of this unique town decided to share with people what it's really like for a town living together in one huge building. Janessa has made a series of videos on TikTok in which she shares what life is like living in an isolated location.

One clip opens with a voiceover saying: "There's a town where everybody lives in the same building," before Janessa interrupts, explaining: "Um, I currently live in that building.

"In this building there's a post office, a church, a store and a building office. In the basement of this building, we have a tunnel that runs from this building to the school across the street. There's currently 318 people that live here year-round."

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Sharing on how the entire town ended up living together, Janessa shares that there was not much choice left.

She said: "Whittier has been around since the 1940s. It was built around World War Two and it was a military bunker.

"After WWII many people left, but we still had a large population up until the 1964 earthquake.
"Whittier had a lot of damage after the earthquake, so many people left. One of the buildings here which was military housing was abandoned.

"There are no houses here because you can't buy any property because most of it is owned by the railroad.

"So that's why everyone lives in one building, because you cannot buy property to build a house."

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She adds: "You can own your own apartment in this building, or you can rent from someone. But mostly everyone owns their own apartment. We do however have to pay monthly dues, but that also includes water, electricity, things like that."

In one of her videos, Janessa, whose dad is the Mayor of Whittier, responds to a question about dating and friendships, which, understandably, you'd think would be quite difficult in such a small town.

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Janessa in one of her videos points out that there are only 20 people her age in Whittier and says: "Nobody really dates here because we all grew up together so that would be kind of weird."


Credit: @messy.nessy


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