Woman Shares How Instagram And Real Life Are The Exact Opposites And The Pictures Are Hilarious.

Woman Shares How Instagram And Real Life Are The Exact Opposites And The Pictures Are Hilarious.

A social media influencer has begun a series of the contrast in real life and Instagram pictures. She has shared some hilarious and perfectly relatable snaps showing how influencers are just like them and they just use filters to make things cliché.

Social media has made people seek perfection in everything. This is because when they look at the perfect pictures and situations all day long on social media their minds teach them to feel inferior and they run towards things that they don’t have. No matter how much a person is blessed, this way he never feels satisfaction on his own. Gratitude becomes long lost.

But some influencers realize the toxicity of their Instagram-perfect lives can be so damaging for those who see them. This leads to launching some trends which show how Instagram life is the opposite of real life and they just have to polish things up to maintain their Instagram accounts. 

Moreover, there are two kinds of people on social media, those who have a glam, pitch-perfect life, and those who like to keep it real. With Geraldine West, you get the best of both worlds. The German influencer pokes fun at flawless and cliché Instagram photos and reveals what they would look like if social media was honest. 

A bathing picture was shared in which the Instagram version was a perfect and neat view of freshly shaved legs. While in real life her legs looked like us, not shaved for ages and just completely casual.



A beach picture that is always dreamy on Instagram With a perfect outfit and managed hair while the real-life one was what happens with us on every picnic. Loads of stuff and a forced smile.



The morning picture comparison was hilarious and accurate anyways.




A romantic boat ride is something we all can relate to in how things never turn out as planned.



The shopping sprees cannot be Louis Vuitton and Gucci all time. In reality, we do that once a year, maybe otherwise we always prefer Walmart or Aldi or some other flash sale options.




Real-life pasta is messy with your girl tied up and you are eating it like you haven't eaten in ages while on Instagram you realize it really can look that good and pasta can be romanticized as well!



Baking is also something which we all can relate to with her real life photo as it never happens in a clean way you have to lick it, clean it and definitely throw your clothes in the laundry,




Article source: Diply

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