Woman Whose Cat Got Separated Due To An Earthquake Reunites With It After Four Years

Woman Whose Cat Got Separated Due To An Earthquake Reunites With It After Four Years

This elderly lady got separated from her cat due to an earthquake that struck Italy some years ago. After four years, the cat finally found its way home and returned to the lady who had completely lost hope.

Dora, an elderly lady from Italy, lost her beloved furry baby along with her house when a deadly earthquake struck Italy four years back. Dora had to flee from her house to be saved but sadly she couldn't find her cat. It looked like the cat ran away in fear, Dora was heartbroken as she not only lost her home but also lost her cat who had lived with her for years. The lady missed her every day and lost hope of ever seeing its beautiful face again.

Four years later, something unbelievable happened and Dora's cat returned home. Yes, it looked like the cat finally found its way home and was overjoyed when reunited with the elderly lady who couldn't believe her furry baby was back.

1. Dora, an elderly woman, was separated from her beloved cat four years back when a destructive earthquake struck central Italy

Dora was among those 4000 people who lost their homes in that destructive earthquake. She had a beautiful furry friend who also lived with her but was lost during the unfortunate event.



2. Dora's cat ran away from home in fear when the earthquake struck and sadly Dora had to flee from her house all alone

The cat disappeared without a trace leaving Dora all alone. She had lost hope of meeting her again but it looks like fate had some other plans. 



3. It took four long years but Dora's furry baby finally returned home

After four whole years when all the hope was lost, Dora's cat returned home. The elderly woman couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her cat. Her cat was also overjoyed as she finally found the way home.



4. Both of them were overjoyed and couldn't stop cuddling each other



5. Dora felt complete and happy after years

The two celebrated their reunion and lovingly touched each other's forehead. It's beautiful how their true love reunited them after being separated for years.

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