Woman Reveals 'She Hasn't Had Intercourse For 362 Days' Despite Starting Website Offering $78K To Boyfriend!

Woman Reveals 'She Hasn't Had Intercourse For 362 Days' Despite Starting Website Offering $78K To Boyfriend!

Lottery Winner Jane Park, 23, joked about her love life with Twitter followers. Last year, she set up her own dating site and received 10,000 applicants.

As of late, England's most youthful millionaire has uncovered that she's experiencing a year-long dry spell with regards to her love life in a frank post on Twitter. Jane Park, 23, from Edinburgh, won $1300000 back in 2013 when she was just 17 years of age, yet appears to have been unfortunate with regards to love since then.


Offering a candid look into her love life, she composed on Twitter, "howling this is actually me x," alongside a crude meme which read, "Day 362 without intercourse: I went outside to run in flip flops just to remember how it sounded like." 

Source: Twitter

She's been on the look for 'the one' since parting with the former Dundee footballer Jordan Piggot and X Factor competitor Sam Callahan. In any case, in the wake of posting the rude joke, Jane got a surge of messages from her followers. 


Many of her followers took it upon themselves to console her that she'll meet the perfect individual in time. A user tweeting under the handle Brian Mcmonagle composed, "Jane you can get any man in the world because you are a lovely girl." 


Another simply stated, "Oh my gosh!" while a third user named Alessandro Cozzi referred to the number of days mentioned in the picture and joked, "3 more! The prize is around the corner," Meanwhile, a fourth tried his luck and commented, "Hi, share your contact number." 


A year ago, in an endeavor to discover 'Mr. perfect', Jane set up a site requesting any individual who wished to date her to send in an application - and she even offered to pay the chosen one a $78,000 yearly remittance.


Inside the initial 24 hours, more than 10,000 candidates had joined the website with the desire for being her ideal match. In the wake of turning into Britain's most youthful lottery champ, Jane hit the news subsequent to spending her fortune on everything from medical procedures to extravagant holidays.


She's since burned over $65K on various beauty procedures including a Brazilian bum lift and a bosom implants. Yet, the millionaire as of late uncovered that she's exhausted of her rich lifestyle and is thinking about finding a new line of work.


In the wake of coming back from a vacation to Lanzarote, she composed on Twitter, "I and Chloe are that bored with our lives and doing nothing all day we're considering getting jobs. Howling man imagine us two behind a bar." 


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