Woman Pranks Boyfriend By Covering PlayStation In Stickers Of Her Face.

Woman Pranks Boyfriend By Covering PlayStation In Stickers Of Her Face.

This woman pranked her fiance with custom made vinyl stcikers of her face and had it plastered all over his play station with a tagline 'always watching.' Needless to say, the joke was received well and now people can't stop laughing.

Siobhan Giles is so done with her gamer fiance Sam Baddams's gaming habits and so to remind him that she is always watching him, she decided to come up with a hilarious prank. The woman decided to help Sam realize that she is always watching him every time he disappears to his game rooms to play Call of Duty and with help of vinyl stickers she plastered her pretty face over his console and controller.

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Sales assistant Siobhan, 25, ordered the custom-made stickers online to pull off the prank on her 28-year-old fiance.
Siobhan, from Washington in Tyne and Wear, said: "He's always, constantly, on the PlayStation. He's on Call of Duty all the time.

"I thought 'he'll absolutely kill me for doing this'. The PlayStation is his pride and joy.

"He spends most of his spare time in the games room, so I had to be really quick in case he caught me halfway through.

"His reaction was amazing. He was so shocked. He said 'oh my god, I can't believe you've done this'.
"I expected him to be like 'right, get out'. The PlayStation is like his first born child.

"There's only one way to make sure [I'm] always on his mind.

"He's been absolutely ripped by all his friends. I've been laughing to myself."

Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Siobhan ordered the stickers on eBay and acted fast to make sure that she wasn't caught by her fiance while carrying out the prank.

She said: "Sam was just downstairs. I just unplugged his PlayStation and quickly did it. It's in his games room. I just stuck them on.

"I couldn't believe how good they looked on and it looked totally real, not [like] stickers, so I was worried he'd think I'd ruined the PlayStation.

"We're actually going through IVF at the minute to have a baby and that room is going to become a nursery.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

"I thought 'for the last few months he can enjoy that room on his own and enjoy my face while he's in it'.

"I'll say to him 'you can have an extra half hour on there if you come down and do the dishes'."

Fortunately, Sam has seen the funny side and is already thinking up a plan to get his own back.
He added: "I thought it was hilarious, to be honest. It's nothing I'm not used to. Siobhan's always making jokes like this.

"I've been absolutely tortured for it by my mates. They were all laughing their heads off.

"They've all been giving her congratulations and I've just been getting laughter.

"I'll still be playing on the PlayStation just as much. It made me laugh when I was playing it [on Wednesday night].

Credit: Kennedy News and Media


"The way I've got it set up, it's like she's looking straight at me. On the remote, where it says 'always watching', it's like she really is.

"I'll still be playing on it just as much, but I'll have Siobhan's face looking back at me.

"I might get some payback. Her birthday is coming up on 14 May."

Credit: Kennedy News and Media


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