Woman Notices Face Looks Like Dad On One Side And Mom On Other.

Woman Notices Face Looks Like Dad On One Side And Mom On Other.

This tiktoker shared her bizarre resemblance with her parents with each side profile and others shared their own resemblances too.

One girl on TikTok shared that one side of her face resembles her mother and the other side looks exact replica of her father.

She posted her crazy finding in a video, saying: "Am I trippin' or did my parents' DNA really just say copy and paste."

In the clip, she shares a picture of her parent's side pose and then shares her own side profile from both sides. And weirdly enough she is right. In the first photo, her nose and chin look slightly different, and really similar to her mum's. The other one looks split copy of her dad. 

Credit: TikTok/@proudmanholdingfish


To add to this video, many of the commentators admitted that they found the same resemblance.

One viewer wrote: "OMG literally the other day I realised my side profiles look really different and I've always been told I look like both of my parents. Is this it?"


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Another said: "I swear everyone is! That's why some people have uneven faces."

A third replied: "I've got two faces like that, I've got to compare them to my parents now."

Researchers at King's College London wrote that some features are likely to be entirely genetic, especially the shape at the end of the nose, the area above the lips, the cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes, and the area below the lips.




As reported by Stylist, Professor Giovanni Montana from King's College London said: "The notion that our genes control our face is self-evident. Many of us have facial traits that clearly resample those of our parents, and identical twins are often indistinguishable.

Credit: TikTok/@proudmanholdingfish


"However, quantifying precisely which parts of the face are strongly heritable has been challenging so far."

One of the study's also found that other physical features like weight and height are also genetic and height is more likely to be determined Another study found that other things, like weight and height, are also genetic, with height more likely to be determined by the father, while weight is likely to be determined by the genes of the mother. Also, dimples are recessive which means that if one parent has them, the child is likely to have them.  

Credit: TikTok/@proudmanholdingfish


Researchers say that curly hair is a dominant trait but it is not necessarily passed down, meaning if both parents shave curly hair then it is likely that the child will have too however if one parent has straight hair and the other has curly then the gene for curly hair will be passed down.

Source: Ladbible

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