Woman Left Looking Like Angry Bird After A Beautician Ruined Her Eyebrows Just Before Holiday

Woman Left Looking Like Angry Bird After A Beautician Ruined Her Eyebrows Just Before Holiday

A mum from South Wales was left with eyebrows that made her look like some character from Angry Birds. Colline Rees had planned a perfect holiday with her family but did not expect it to get ruined due to a major beauty fail by a young trainee!

1. Mum Decided To Go To Tenerife With Her Family But A Beautician Messed It Up

A mum from South Wales decided to take a week-long break for going on a holiday with her family. What she did not expect was that her trip to Tenerife would get ruined a day before and that too because of a mishap related to her eyebrows.

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2. The Woman Who Normally Treated Colline’s Eyebrows Was Busy So A Young Trainee Did Them

Colline Rees had gone for a beauty treatment a day before she flew to Tenerife with her family. There, the thirty-seven years old could not get the treatment by the woman who normally did her eyebrows. Instead, a young trainee was called for her eyebrows. Colline told that after the treatment, trainee needed to put some pencil in her eyebrows. She then sat up, looked in the mirror and saw most of her left eyebrow was missing.

“I was mortified, absolutely horrified," the woman said.


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3. "Are you kidding me, is this a joke?"

Colline could not help but say "Are you kidding me, is this a joke ?" to the young trainee, who panicked and apologized for messing it up. The mum from South Wales was terrified after looking at her eyebrows and called for help. Another beautician then stepped in and offered to resolve the waxing disaster by using a bit of tint but nothing really helped to make them look any better.

According to Colline, her eyebrows looked like two thick black slugs had been drawn above her eyes. 

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4. Colline Called Her Sister Who Was Freaked Out By The Weird Eyebrows

Llanelli's mum could not do anything but call her sister for support after going through such a dreadful experience. Later, she tried to wipe off the black dye but got too late and it had already dried. As if this was not frightening enough, the thirty-seven year old told that the dye was applied directly to her skin and that, this caused her face to swell due to an allergic reaction.

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5. Colline Had Suffered From Alopecia In Her Teenage Years

The devastated woman told that she had suffered from alopecia as a teenager and is still affected now but her hair still grows back slower than normal – so has an eyebrow wax to boost her confidence.

With her three sons and husband, Julian, Colline had hoped to enjoy her holiday but could not even go for swimming as her eyebrows could not get wet.

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6. A Makeup Artist Came To Colline's Rescue After Reading Her Facebook Plea

Colline wrote a post on Facebook that asked for help related to her eyebrows. Fortunately, a friend came forward to help Colline with her situation. She taught her how to draw round her eyebrows to make their shape look better.

The woman was disappointed by her frightening experience and was unable to enjoy her long-awaited holiday. 

 “We were so excited to be able to fly somewhere new as we always just go on holiday to Wales. I was devastated, it stopped me from enjoying the holiday. We have to work hard to go on holiday and it was just destroyed," she said.

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The picture exhibits another holiday that Colline had enjoyed with her family  (sons Morgan, 15, Ashton, 12, and Bailey, 18, and husband Julian, 38).

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