Woman Leaves Everyone Stratled When She Reveals She Had No Idea Of Her Pregnancy!

Woman Leaves Everyone Stratled When She Reveals She Had No Idea Of Her Pregnancy!

Mother, 27, reveals she didn't know she was pregnant until she was giving BIRTH to her 7lb 11oz son on the kitchen floor because she had no bump, was on the Pill and still fit her size 10 clothes.

In UK, a woman reveals that she was unaware of her pregnancy until she was giving birth to her baby on the kitchen floor!
As unbelievable it may seem, Claire Wiseman, 27, from Oxford, was completely unaware that she was carrying a child in her womb. But then no one could blame her either as throughout the 9 month, Claire was able to fit in her size 10 clothing. She had no visible bump, and continued to bleed every month. Moreover, she was also taking her contraceptive pills.

She had no visible bump



She had no visible bump


In April, Claire thought she was having period cramps but as they were much intense, her mother asked if she could be pregnant.
'I told her that there was absolutely no way. I was on the Pill and had been having periods,' Claire, who is also mother to daughter Millie, recalled. 'But as I put my hand between my legs, I felt a head. I was in so much shock.
'Suddenly, Mum was screaming hysterically for me to push. Minutes later, I pushed a baby out of me and Mum said it was a boy. It was all so surreal.'


Baby Finlay


And right there, on the kitchen floor, baby Finlay was born! Finlay, now two, was born weighing 7lbs 11oz. Both the mother and daughter were taken to John Radcliffe Hospital where they were joined by Clair’s boyfriend, Ben. 
Claire and Finlay were both given a clean bill of health. 
At the time of Finlay’s birth, Claire was 25 years old.

Claire, who owns her own hair accessories company, and Ben met at the pub where they both work in 2016 and became a couple the following June. 


Ben and Claire


As they both lived with their parents, they took turns visiting each other's homes in Oxford. Every weekend they enjoyed nights out with their friends.
For Claire's 25th birthday in April 2018, she organized a crazy golf night with her friends and family. 
She said: 'I wore a tight top, fitted jeans and heels. I was lucky to be a size 10 and that my figure had quickly bounced back after having Millie.
'That night, I drank several glasses of white wine and passion fruit martinis and had an amazing time. Days later, on my birthday, Ben and I had loads of wine at a fancy restaurant.'

Four days later, Claire woke up with stomach pains.

Claire said: 'I had to pick up Millie from her dad's, so I took a paracetamol and went to get her. After I got home, I put Millie down for a nap and the pains got even worse. I thought it must've been period pains. I had to go and lay down.'
But 20 minutes later, Claire woke up in agony.
When she couldn’t tolerate the pain anymore, Claire called her mother, Angie Southam, 57, a store manager. When she arrived home, Claire was sat on the toilet, doubled over in pain.
Claire recalled: 'I kept feeling this need to push but didn't understand why. Mum immediately called 999 and the operator said an ambulance was on the way. After a few minutes, I told Mum I needed to lay down, so she put some cushions on the kitchen floor and I laid on top of them... ‘
'Suddenly, Mum was screaming hysterically for me to push. Minutes later, I pushed a baby out of me and Mum said it was a boy. It was all so surreal.'
 Five minutes later paramedics arrived and took mother and baby to hospital. 
'Paramedics kept asking me to feed him but I refused. I couldn't accept that it was my baby. I was in shock,' she said.
Once at the hospital, Claire still struggled to accept that she had just given birth.


FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT: Claire continued to drink and socialise with friends throughout her pregnancy, unaware that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Ben



'I was on the Pill, had periods and a flat belly. So no symptoms at all,' she said.
'I'd also been out drinking with my friends at pubs and clubs once a week I couldn't understand how I'd carried a baby for nine months and had no idea. Thankfully, he was born healthy.' 


Baby Finlay


At the same time Ben was at home, unaware that his girlfriend had just given birth to their baby.

Claire didn’t how to tell about their son Ben, nor was she sure about his reaction, she said: 'I didn't know how to break the news. Eventually I managed to text him and tell him. Ben called me and told me to stay positive and that everything was going to be okay. He then came to the hospital and when he saw me, we both burst into tears.’
She continued, 'I told Ben I hadn't laid eyes on our baby as I was too scared. I felt no attachment to our son. We deliberated for hours about adoption and other options.'
Twelve hours later, Claire finally agreed to see her baby. She said: 'When I finally saw him, I fell in love. He was the sweetest little boy and all my worries went away.


Finally Claire held her baby

'Ben and I named him Finlay and we decided we could never let him go.'


Ben and Claire with Finlay


Now, Finlay is two years old.
Claire added: 'Millie and Finlay are the best of friends. Finlay's the surprise that made our family stronger and I couldn't imagine life without him.'


Finlay - 2-year-old


One in 450 pregnant women in the UK don't know they are going to have a baby until week 20 of their pregnancy (half-way through), and one in 2,500 women are oblivious to the fact until they go into labour.
It's a phenomenon known as cryptic pregnancy - also referred to as 'pregnancy denial'.

Article source: dailymail

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