Woman Goes From Size 18 to a Size 12 After Ditching Date Nights With Her Boyfriend.

Woman Goes From Size 18 to a Size 12 After Ditching Date Nights With Her Boyfriend.

Adrienne used to consume a calorific diet on biweekly dates with her boyfriend. It was January 2019 when she decided not to ignore her weight gain anymore. She signed up for The 1:1 diet and is now more confident than ever before.

Adrienne Marsh, from Hoxton, London, began to pile on the pounds after being dined by her boyfriend James Price, 24. She had begun to lose her confidence due to her size 18 frame. She realized that it's now the time or she will regret it later.



After ditching date night, Adrienne, 24, now looks unrecognizable. Losing over five stones, she no more tips the weighing scale at 16st 10lbs at her heaviest rather stands confidently in a size 12 at 11st 5lbs.



The designer and marketing assistant said: "It is hard to determine exactly how many calories I would consume on one date night as every restaurant varies but my go to starters would be either loaded potato skins which can be 2000 calories alone.

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"Followed by either a pizza, chicken burger, and chips or a pasta dish which again can range from 1000-2000 calories and washed down with cocktails. Five piƱa coladas are 870 calories so a meal would rack up around 4,000 calories.

"I found myself trying to keep up with what he could eat and having bigger portions.



He was OK about my weight gain and I was comfortable until I couldn't find any nice clothes that fitted me. I couldn't even wear the dress I wanted for my graduation as it didn't come in my size.

"I was really unhappy and hated the way I looked. I began to question everything I did as I thought I wasn't good enough to have an opinion and assumed people won't take me seriously because of my weight."


While she used to snack on fizzy drinks, crisps, and sweets, she switched to healthy home-cooked meals and night walks.


She said: "James and I will eat in so I can control my portion sizes and have chicken or fish with vegetables.


"We have the odd date night but I tend to have lighter options like a salad and stick to gin and slimline tonic.

"I am now so much happier and confident. I know that my opinion is valid."


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