Woman from Washington bashes a barman for describing her as 'girl by herself' on her receipt.

Woman from Washington bashes a barman for describing her as 'girl by herself' on her receipt.

A woman from Washington, DC was enjoying a quiet night out by herself but later found out that she had been described as 'girl by herself' on the receipt and she found it 'disrespectful'.

Waiters at restaurants have used table numbers to refer to their customers for a while now. However, it looks like the trend is changing. Recently, a woman slammed a 'disrespectful' barman for describing her as the 'girl by herself' on her drinks receipt - despite drinking alone.

The woman from Washington DC, who goes by the @GotMiAAngel on social media, was enjoying a quiet night out by herself but things took a downwards turn when she saw the receipt for the cocktails she ordered. In the receipt, the waiter had referred to her as 'girl by herself'.



Taking to Twitter, she shared a photograph of the receipt and told how she was left frustrated when the waiter named Shaun had referred to her as the 'girl by herself.'
Unsurprisingly, it was not long before many took to the comments section to defend the woman in question, with one writing: 

'Like why u pointing it out?? Like embarrassing you for what?'





Many shared their experiences in a bid to make the woman feel better, with one writing,
'I feel you on this one,' before sharing a copy of a receipt which branded him: 'Raspy voice guy.'



Another captioned a post
'That’s better than the one I got,' before sharing his receipt which read: 'Lil ugly dude.'



However, not everyone was in agreement, with some suggesting the woman was overreacting. One of the commenters said,

“Why disrespectful? Seems a simple way to help the waiters identify guests they are serving. How else would you like them to describe you - color of hair, clothes? Only in the US do you get so hung up on all this. We've got bigger issues to be thinking about than this petty one.”

Another person agreed, saying,

“Really???? If you are without company, you are just that. And if you are dressed in a red dress, you are dressed in that color....How else would you rather be described?”

Meanwhile, a third commented,

“It's only disrespectful if you let it be. Life is short. Move on..”

Others suggested it was likely there was no offense meant by the note - and it was purely to help the busy waiter distinguish one customer from another. Someone wrote,

“He probably forgot the customer was gonna see that note. I’ve done that one a few times too. As a former server/bartender I tried to avoid descriptions like this, but depending on how well coworkers could communicate/knew table numbers, it did happen on occasion.”

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Article and Image Source: Dailymail

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