Woman Discovers She Has Rare Condition Where She’s Her Own Twin.

Woman Discovers She Has Rare Condition Where She’s Her Own Twin.

Chimerism is a medical condition where two fraternal eggs fuse together in the womb and one of the eggs absorbs the other one which means one child carries DNA of his twin sibling too. This TikToker shared this revelation on her social media account and also shared how she diagnosed her condition.

Rachelle (@radrachelle), a TikToker with a bizarre revelation took to social media to explain the condition that makes her her own twin. 

Rachelle shared that she has two different colored eyes. This isn't very shocking considering the fact that there are a number of conditions contributing to it.

However, the woman then shared that she also has a line down the centre of her torso, with her skin pigmentation on her left side being a different colour to her right side. This means Rachelle is a human chimera, meaning she has two sets of DNA in her body after ‘absorbing’ her twin.




Experts initially believed the condition to be heterochromia- a medical condition that causes colored eyes. However, when Rachelle was only 14 she fell ill and was diagnosed with a genetic condition that caused her colon cancer.

In her TikTok, which has gone viral with more than a million views, she explains: ‘Finally I came across a doctor who explained I’m a chimera. Chimerism is where two fraternal twin eggs fuse together in the womb. I absorbed my twin sister, so I carry her DNA within cells in my body.’



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Many people asked Rachelle if she was the result of IVF, but she confirmed: ‘Nope, just a plain old accident!’
Reportedly only one in 76 million people have chimerism, which means there hasn’t been extensive testing on how it can affect the body and be linked to other health conditions, such as Rachelle’s colon cancer and other genetic mutations.





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Among other questions, one user wrote: ‘Do you know that in the future you may have a kid that may have DNA that shows you’re his aunt?’
She said while this is true for some chimeras, she’s had two children and doctors have confirmed they’re both hers and come from her own DNA, rather than her sister’s. ‘In the uterus there were some cells of my fraternal twin, but the majority was my own,’ she said.

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