Woman Discovers A Bar of Soap She Has Been Washing Her Hands Is Cheese!

Woman Discovers A Bar of Soap She Has Been Washing Her Hands Is Cheese!

A Reddit user shares a picture of cheese that she mistook for a bar of soap and has been washing her hands from it for a couple of days.

A woman in the US accidentally washed her hands with a block of cheese for days after mistakenly thinking it was a bar of soap.
She shared her sorry tale on Reddit and the people couldn't take it.




Also, it's not the first time when people have mistakenly thought of Cheese bar like a soap. Maybe due to the appearance or sometimes pranks, we're the reason. 


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But this woman explains how she got the cheese bar there and never had a second thought about it. Although it wasn’t foaming, as usual, she could not think if it could be something other than the soap bar. Days passed and she kept believing the same and never realised that something was wrong.




"I use liquid soap for the dishes, bar soap like this is gentler on my hands after I do chores if that makes any sense.” She explained in her post. She further wrote, “I come to realise it was a dried-out square of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese. I suspect I left it out when I was intoxicated and just forgot.” 

She also described the reason of being confused to use that cheese as a soap. But the Reddit users made the comments section a playground for cheese puns. 

A user said "There's a big problem if you're confusing cheese for soap."
Another confused one asked,"I don't... where was the cheese sitting for you to mistake it for soap?" 
Many such comments popped up when she shared her sorry tale on Reddit putting up this picture.


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