Woman Protest Against Selfies By 'Dying' At Popular Tourist Spots!

Woman Protest Against Selfies By 'Dying' At Popular Tourist Spots!

When 'normal' people visit famous landmarks, they generally pull out their phones and snap a chirpy selfie. But not artist Stephanie Leigh Rose.

When you visit a well-known landmark, you almost instantly take a selfie and upload it to Instagram. Before long, your friends and relatives begin complimenting your looks and the beautiful landscape ends up as just the background. Be that as it may, artist Stephanie Leigh Rose has figured out how to capture her travel pictures while keeping the beautiful sight in focus! 

Stephanie has had enough with regards to cliched travel selfies. She took an alternative stance on travel photography by pretending to die in front of well-known tourist spots as opposed to taking customary selfies, eventually transforming the entire thing into a hilarious project called "STEFDIES". And here are some of her best renditions: 

1. Myrtos Beach


2. Brexit


3. Golden Gate Bridge


4. Kötlujökull Glacier


5. With Friends, At Art Exhibit


6. La Tour Eiffel


7. The San Diego Zoo Petting Park


8. Cueva Grande


9. The Clown's Turf In Rome


10. Borough Market


11. The South Platte River Trail


12. Amalfi Beach



13. Tuileries Garden


14. The Side Of The Road


15. Under The Big Cat In Arles


16. After Paragliding


17. Cliffs In Sardinia


18. Dum Dums Donutterie


19. In Front Of Cinderella


20. Corsica Fountain / La Course


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