Woman claims she washed away a $26 million winning lottery ticket by accident.

Woman claims she washed away a $26 million winning lottery ticket by accident.

After mistakenly placing her winning lottery ticket in the washing machine, a California woman lost $26 million.

Talk about squandering millions of dollars worth of opportunities.


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I don't buy lottery tickets for a couple of reasons: first, I've spent a lot of money on them over the years; and second, every time I buy one, I tell myself that there's a good chance I'll win. Of course, I then have to deal with the disappointment of my numbers failing to arrive.

However, the thought of winning the lottery but being unable to collect because you threw your pants in the wash is enough to turn me off for life. Unfortunately for this lady, none of the millions will go to her.

Six months ago, the unidentified woman bought a SuperLotto Plus ticket. She returned to her local Norwalk gas station after realizing her numbers had come up to explain she'd purchased the ticket but had mistakenly thrown it in the wash.


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According to KTLA, the manager had surveillance footage of her purchasing the ticket, which he later handed over to state lottery officials. However, video evidence alone is insufficient to claim a winning ticket.

People are advised to take pictures of the front and back of their tickets or even photocopy them so they have a backup copy.


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The woman would have walked away with a massive $19.7 million after taxes. Though she'll be resentful of losing out on such a large sum of money, her error will benefit her in other ways.

Any unclaimed prize money is donated to the state's public schools, according to the California Lottery. California's school system has received more than $1 billion in lottery funds so far.

A $130,000 bonus is also available to the store that sold the winning ticket.




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