Woman Calls Off Wedding When To Be Husband Asks To Give Up Her Dog.

Woman Calls Off Wedding When To Be Husband Asks To Give Up Her Dog.

Karishma turned down her arranged marriage after to be husband asked her to leave her dog. Karishma knew this won't work out, she can't leave Lucy for anyone.

Animal lovers know how precious their furry babies are to them. Imagine if someone asks you to abandon them? Well, we can't even imagine that. But this man actually asked his soon to be wife to leave her dog after marriage. The woman knew this won't work out so she called off the wedding. She can't abandon her dog for 'anyone'. The guy was surprised and asked her to reconsider, but the woman refused.

1. A woman was asked to give up her dog after marriage, she refused and called off the wedding

People who have pets know how precious they are to them. While others won't understand, pet lovers know that their fur babies are as important to them as their own family. Just like you can not abandon your family, similarly, those who actually love their animals can never even think of abandoning them. Even if they have to turn down their marriage for the sake of their pets. That's how pure this love is. 

Karishma Walia was about to get married, but she found out her to be husband is not a fan of dogs. He wanted Karishma to not bring her dog as he didn't want the animal to come between his love life. Karishma told him it won't work out then as she can't leave her dog for anyone.


 Karishma Walia


2. She turned down the arranged marriage 

Her dog Lucy is a part of her family, she does not see her as a temporary phase. She can't just leave her like that, the guy told her to reconsider but Karishma refused.

Lucy and Karishma's bond is too strong and they can never be separated. Karishma shared the full Whatsapp conversations on Facebook, and people on the Internet have been supporting her.


 Karishma Walia


3. Karishma knew this would be an issue in the future


 Karishma Walia


4. People who abandon their pets shouldn't have adopted them in the first place. If you decide to bring an animal home, it should be for the animal’s lifetime


 Karishma Walia


5. Each moment spent with your pet is precious, their love is the purest kind of love


Lucy Walia



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