Woman called police on a mother, soon after realized her mistakes and decided not to judge others.

Woman called police on a mother, soon after realized her mistakes and decided not to judge others.

Woman called police on a mother when she saw her struggling with a child. Soon after she got to know that the child was autistic and she was wrong to judge a mother like this.

In a recent trend on social media, many people are sharing their mistakes from the past and how they reflected upon it.
While reading what people had to say, I came across this heart wrenching post that urges everyone to think before taking an action against someone.
Megan Orr Burnside, a mom herself, shared a story of how before understanding what a mother is going through, she took a step against her but regretted later on.
She writes,

“A few years ago I was in Tennessee with my husband at a training event. We were at a gas station when we saw a woman with a boy of about 10 years old, struggling to get him in the car. He was screaming and she was so angry and frustrated. We watched her get him in the car and there was a lot of physical fighting in the car. It looked like she was hitting him as well, so we called the police. They came and we left.”



Later the police called her and told her that the boy was autistic and was very violent at the time she say him with her mother.

“We then got a call and they told us that the boy was autistic and she really struggled with him, and she had even asked for the police's help in the past to deal with him because he was very violent. They said they have been helping her and she's doing the best she can.”



Being the string woman she is, she instantly realized that she has done wrong. She wrote,

“I had the most overwhelming realization of my mistake. In my eagerness to protect the child, I neglected to offer help to the mother. Instead I 'turned her in' to the authorities. We sat and watched her struggle and called her in. I have felt guilt even years later that I didn't get out of my car and offer her some help. If I had helped in that moment, it may not have led to more violence.”




She learnt a lot from her mistakes.

“Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was at a thrift store and a woman with two kids were in line to pay. One toddler boy was fussing and the other boy was asking his mother to buy things. She was so angry and explosive at both of them, the whole store was aware of them. People stood there and watched them struggle in the line. I remembered the experience I had in Tennessee and walked over to talk to the little boy and put my hand on his foot. He calmed down.
The mother was so frazzled and apologized. She told me she worked nights and she couldn't even think in the day. I know there were other things going on, but in that moment I told her I understood what it's like to be overwhelmed. I told her she was a good mom. I told her everything was going to be okay.
She cried, guys. She CRIED as everyone else watched her struggle with her burden. Years earlier I would have been holding my cell phone ready, watching to see if she did anything that I should report.”



Talking about what happened, she urged every to think before they call upon authorities as they might not know what the other person is going through. She talks about how it has become a ‘culture’ to look at others’ faults instead of becoming a helping hand.
This story did give me a huge lesson about the way I should act in the future, I hope you all learnt something new as well.
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Article Source: Diply

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