Woman Arrested For Sending 65,000 Messages To Man After Only One Date!

Woman Arrested For Sending 65,000 Messages To Man After Only One Date!

Jacqueline Ades, of Phoenix, is charged with threatening and intimidating, stalking and harassment. A man from Arizona, told police Ades became obsessed with him after one date.

In all honesty, the dating scene can be a quite frightening experience in light of the fact that while somebody may have all the earmarks of being cool and fun on the app, they can end up being a completely different individual, in actuality. 


Surprisingly, one guy faced the terrors of dating to the point that he needed to call the cops, on the grounds that the lady he met on one date purportedly proceeded to flood his mobile phone with weird and horrifying text messages.

Source: Police handout

Now, you may think that the guy breaking into Taylor Swift's home and having a nap was weird, however, Jacqueline Ades' case takes it to a whole new level. The 31-year-old has been accused of threatening and intimidating, stalking and harassment after police say she wouldn't give her anonymous date a chance to live on without her.


Everything occurred after Ades and the Paradise Valley man met on a dating application and went on one date. The Daily Mail says the lady almost instantly became hopelessly enamored and started bombarding him with up to 500 messages every day.


In totality, she is accused of sending approximately 65,000 messages to the chap. And honestly, I don't think I've even sent that many messages throughout my life, let alone to one individual. The lady sure had some motivation, we'll give her that! 

Source: Police handout

Police were called one night in July a year ago when the victim discovered Ades was stopped outside his home. When she had moved on, she supposedly sent him undermining and harsh messages. Be that as it may, it wasn't until April when things truly began to take a turn for the worst. 


As per ABC15, the unfortunate man was out of the nation, however, thought he'd check his home security system to be on a safer side. Upon checking the tapes, he saw that Ades was inside his property, therefore, he called the police.


Consequently, when the officers arrived they discovered her calmly taking a shower in the guy's house. Scarily, however, when she was captured, police purportedly found a rather large butchers blade in the traveler seat of her vehicle. 


One of the messages she supposedly sent to him was "Don't ever try to leave me... I'll k*ll you... I don't wanna be a m*r*er*r," Fox 10 reports that another message stated, "Oh what would I do w ur bl**d! I'd want to bathe in it" and "I'm like H*tl*r... man was a genius." 


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