Woman, 25, Who Met Husband, 53, Wants To Break Down The Age Gap Myth.

Woman, 25, Who Met Husband, 53, Wants To Break Down The Age Gap Myth.

Woman who met her husband, 53, when she was just a teen insists that 'age is just a number.' Kelsey Kammeyer Allen met hubby when she was 19 and Paul was 47 and now after five years together the couple went on to tie the knot in June 2019.

Although the couple from Salt Lake City, Utah, couldn't have been happier together, Kelsey says sometimes the stigma they face is difficult.

The 25-year-old aesthetician said: "It was hard at the start. There is a big age gap between us, I never imagined I would end up with an older man.

"We'd go out in public and people would stare at us. I felt nervous to hold his hand because I knew people were judging us.


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"There is so much stigma around a younger woman being with an older man, they think we are 'Gold Diggers' just after their money."

She continued: "I finally let it go. I realized I loved him, life is short and no one else's opinion matters as long as we are happy.


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"I think at first, everyone was not too sure about our relationship. But once our families got to know each other, everyone was very accepting.

"His kids were a bit weary at first about my intentions, but after I spent more time with them, we all got along so well."


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Paul – who, along with three grandchildren, has three children aged 27, 25, and 23 – now plans to have a fourth child with Kelsey.

Kelsey said: "It's funny that I'm actually a step-grandma before I'm actually a mother. We call ourselves the modern family. The traditional unit isn't as common anymore.


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"We are so incredibly happy together and wouldn't change anything for the world."

And while Kelsey never thought she'd end up with anyone over twice her age, she hopes her story would inspire others to follow her heart and overlook others' judgments.


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She said: "I hope one day the stigma surrounding age gap relationships will change. There is a misconception that younger women with older men are just after their money.

"There are so many wrong ideas about people in age gap relationships. We honestly are such a normal couple but he just happens to be older than me.


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"His daughter said something really sweet, and that is that I have an old soul, and he has a young heart, that's why we match up.

"Everyone's story is different, age truly is just a number. I fell in love with Paul for who he is, not for his age. We don't focus on age, we could have let it tear us apart, but we love each other too much to let that happen.


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"We are so happy, and I am so excited for the future. I love Paul with all my heart and he is the most perfect husband I could have asked for."

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