Wisconsin Woman Spots A Stunning Rare Albino Buck In Her Snow Covered Backyard

Wisconsin Woman Spots A Stunning Rare Albino Buck In Her Snow Covered Backyard

Albino bucks are very rare and according to officials About one 1 in 30,000 deer will experience albinism . And one of them was spotted in a woman's snowcovered backyard in the morning. She took few snaps and posted on social media and people can't be more excited to see such a stunning animal.

A albino white deer was spotted by a woman in Wisconsin who photographed this rare albino buck in her backyard in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. The woman was so surprised to see such a majestic creature before her eyes and from such close proximity. 


Facebook | @Tracy weese


Tracy Weese, the homeowner and the photographer saw the white 11-point buck in her yard while the lawn was covered in snow. She immediately took some photos of this heavenly and rare albino deer and posted it on social media. 


Facebook | @Tracy weese


Animal lovers flooded her post with comments full of surprise and anticipation. 
“His majesty just strolled through our backyard,” Weese captioned the posted photos, as the Albino buck is literally looking like a heavenly creature.

The Vilas County Sheriff’s Office also later shared Weese’s photo, and called the unique buck a “majestic creature.”

As it is known, all-white deer are illegal to shoot in Wisconsin because they are under the surveillance of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s. And this is clearly mentioned in the guidelines too.


Facebook | @Tracy weese


Officials in Boulder Junction claim that their city has more albino deer than any other place in Wisconsin.

The post has garnered thousands of likes and comments since it's been posted by Tacy on Facebook.

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Article source: Fox35orlando

Image source: Facebook | Tracy Weese

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