Wildlife photographer waits six days to take a panther shadow picture in the Indian forest.

Wildlife photographer waits six days to take a panther shadow picture in the Indian forest.

A wildlife photographer waited six days to capture a leopard's and black panther's couple in the Indian jungle.

Although the life of a wildlife photographer looks pretty amazing with all the places they get to visit and all the creatures they get to witness first-hand, their job is pretty tough and gets frustrating at a point as well.




One of the main catches of this profession is that one never knows when the picture-perfect moment will present itself. So, the photographer has to stay vigilant at all times. It's not like they can ask the creatures to pose.




A wildlife photographer, Mithun H., who specializes in tracking big cats, recently shared a story behind the viral picture he just captured.
His work mainly revolves around big cats, but that's not exclusively what ends up on the other side of his lens, this specialty immediately becomes clear if you visit his Instagram page. He also said he's worked on a Nat Geo Wild program known as The Real Black Panther in the past.




The subject of his recent fame is this picture of a leopard and black panther couple that people are calling the "panther shadow," but he calls it "The Eternal Couple".




This picture-perfect moment presented itself to him after six tireless days of waiting. Despite days of effort, Mithun H. simply couldn't get a shot of the pair that he thought was usable. That is until the lucky bleat of a deer alarm made both of them look in his direction at once, and he was able to nail that golden opportunity.

He explained in his Instagram post that this leopard and black panther (which is also known as a melanistic leopard) are Saaya and Cleopatra, and they've been together for about four years. Usually, males are dominant in couples like these; it was clear that Saaya took his cues from Cleopatra.




He also wrote,
"Whenever they are together, it's a sight to behold. The forest comes alive as they trot nonchalantly in his fabled kingdom."

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Images credit: mithunhphotography

Article Source: Diply

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