Why aren’t donkeys getting the appreciation they need? They are adorable [Pictures]

Why aren’t donkeys getting the appreciation they need? They are adorable [Pictures]

These adorable pictures show that donkeys are the most underrated yet adorable animals out there.

The internet is filled with pictures and videos of fluffy dogs, grumpy cats, tiny hamsters, and violet Chinchillas, but why isn’t anyone appreciating donkeys?
They are cute! They are four-legged! They are fluffy! They have innocent eyes and an adorable little nose!
Look at this little cutie. By the way, isn’t this how we all are spending our quarantine?

And look at this perfect halo fuzz. Doesn’t it look like an adorable stuffed toy? How is this even real?

Well! This one is more photogenic than I am. Look at how symmetrical its face is. This little beauty is named Arthur, and he is handsome enough to become a donkey model.

Can I take this one home, please?

The best part is, donkeys can be total clowns and make us laugh. Look at those perfect teeth.

This donkey baby came into the world with a natural mohawk. How adorable.

Like dogs, most donkeys are super friendly and patient with children.

This little guy here goes by the name Paco and holy moly; he has some fuzzy ears. Are you secretly a rabbit, Paco?

It turns out; donkeys are super photogenic. Take a look at this portrait. Its year-book worthy.

On top of it all, these beings are lazy asses. They can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere (I wish I could do that).


Donkeys are definitely on the list of most adorable beings for me. What about you?

Article and Media Source: Diply

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