Wetherspoons Chef Reveals Behind-The-Scenes About How They Really Make Breakfasts.

Wetherspoons Chef Reveals Behind-The-Scenes About How They Really Make Breakfasts.

After posting a behind-the-scenes video of how a Wetherspoon full English is being made, a chef has gone viral on TikTok-having shocked several people with the process.

TikTok user J Salsa, who posts content under the @ jahkt account, shared a video showing people how the pub chain makes a 'traditional' breakfast.

In the clip, he says: "How to make a Wetherspoon's brekkie, let's go!"

He then launches into the sequence, demonstrating how he deals with and of the classic fry-up items.

"First things first, slap on your Peppa Pig," he explains, before cracking an egg on to the grill - with one hand, we should add; very impressive.


Credit: TikTok/@_jahkt


"Hash browns down the fryer, a slice of bread onto the grill to get toasted, then start setting up your plate."

He then lays half a roasted tomato on the dish ("Green's essential to you - yeah, red"), before inserting in the form of a pre-cooked sausage 'some more pork for you.'

"Flip the bacon, because we don't eat raws*** round here."

Finally, when all the ingredients are ready to join the tomato and sausage, he assembles them into the pan, spooning on some baked beans to finish the dish.


Credit: TikTok/@_jahkt


Hundreds of people posted on the video-with many saying they were happily surprised to find that many of the Wetherspoon breakfast items are prepared to order, rather than being zapped into the microwave as they'd expected.

"Wait they don't actually microwave everything?" one asked.

Someone else commented: "I genuinely thought Spoon's kitchens only had microwaves in AHAHAH."

Another wrote: "Why did I grow up thinking all food from Spoons was microwaved?"


Credit: TikTok/@_jahkt


Credit: TikTok/@_jahkt


A fourth added: "Wow it isn't actually just microwave food I am shook."

J Salsa responded to one of the comments that he was 'bending the myths with Spoons.'

Some others posted to call him out for using the grill toast the bread rather than a toaster - something they said wasn't normally done in kitchens in Wetherspoon - but J Salsa stated in a later video that his kitchen had mounted a 'new toaster' afterwards.

He has also shared in other videos how he creates other menu items including the Chicken Korma Curry and the Southern Fried Chicken Wrap.


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