‘We Didn’t Give Up’: California Fire Station Celebrates First All-Female Crew.

‘We Didn’t Give Up’: California Fire Station Celebrates First All-Female Crew.

The Engine 34 from Pasadena Fire Station made history on Tuesday by making an official all-female crew.

Recently, the Pasadena Fire Station in California made history after reporting a crew made up entirely of female firefighters had ever been staffed to work the same shift together.
The crew was under the command of Capt. Tricia Rodriguez, when Engine 34 left the Pasadena Fire Station. Before they left to save some lives, the crew snapped a pic to commemorate the historic moment.



The picture was then uploaded on social media with captioned,

“FIRST all-female crew in the history of Pasadena Fire Department riding together on Engine 34.”

The four members of the team are Rodriguez, firefighter-paramedic Nicole Olsen, firefighter Tawnie Johnson, and engineer Christina Terrazas (apart from the captain).
These women found out that they were going to make history on Monday night.




Rodriguez, who’s been a firefighter for 28 years, was also part of another historic moment. Ten years ago, she became the first female fire captain in department history. Now she’s done it again, this time with three other deserving ladies.
She said,

“This is the first time that all of the pieces have fallen into place. All the stars aligned.”

These women have been working together for a while now. However, they were never on the same crew.



Unfortunately, this shift was over after 24 hours. It isn’t likely to happen again, but hey, they got to made history. That is what matters.
Talking about her feelings, Rodriguez said,

“The message to anyone is, if you have a dream or a vision, you can achieve it. This is something we have looked forward to growing up, and we put a lot of effort into it. We trained, and we studied, and we took the same test everybody else did, and we didn’t give up.”

Congrats Ladies.


Article and Image Source: Diply

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