Want a pet bed inspiration? Check out these retro TV sets upcycled as pet bed

Want a pet bed inspiration? Check out these retro TV sets upcycled as pet bed

People are upcycling retro TV sets as pet beds. I cannot think of a cuter bed for my cat.

Antique and vintage looking home décor stuff as well as the furniture is such a mood I swear. I usually find myself looking at vintage-inspired décor and furniture even though I don’t have any space for it.

If you are an antique enthusiast like me, I am sure you will fall in love with these retro TV sets upcycled as pet beds.



Your cat deserves a stylish abode just like you, and upcycling a midcentury TV into a cat bed certainly does the trick.



On top of providing a comfy, stylish, and highly functional bed for your pet, it also adds an extra dimension to your house décor.



People say, when your cat nestles inside the now-hollow screen, it looks like you’re watching a sleeping cat on TV. How cool. I am going to DIY this asap.



Although there aren’t any specific instructions out there on how to create a cat bed from those midcentury wooden TVs, you can follow this one. It looks like the process will be pretty similar.



It does allow a lot of careful unscrewing of parts, but it’s so worth it in the end!



In the end, you can fill it up with a comfy cushion and decorate it with your cat’s tastes in mind.



Even if you don’t have a pet, you can always use these retro TVs as a décor element in your house by putting planters in it.

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