Waiters/Servers Tell How They Dealt With Their Rude Customers.

Waiters/Servers Tell How They Dealt With Their Rude Customers.

From stopping a customer from harassing a young girl to getting him pay gain, these waiters/servers tell how they dealt with their customers who were being rude for no reason

Not all customers are right, some are very rude that too for no reason. But these waiters/servers certainly know how to deal with such customers. They know how to make a customer return to the restaurant to pay, or how to stop a customer from harassing a young girl, these servers are smart enough to make rude customers pay for their attitude.

1. You Are Just Paid To Say That



2. Alright, I'll See You Next Week



3. I Call The Police On The Dine And Dash Because There Is No Evidence This Guy Paid And I Deleted The Pre Auth From The Debit Machine, Cops Go To This Guy's House And Make Him Return To The Restaurant To Pay



4. If You Ask For Water Again, I Will Make Sure Everyone Here Gets Water But You



5. She's Dead. She Doesn't Do A Lot Of Thinking



6. They Should Enjoy The Food From The Other Shop



7. She Was Obviously Drunk When She Arrived And Angling To Get More Drunk As Cheap As Possible



8. You Cause Us To Lose Money Everyday



9. I Know Him Too, So What?



10. I Told Him To Never Touch Another Customer, Made Sure She Got Away From Him And Called The Bouncer On The Walkie Talkie



11. Next Minute My Dad Storms Out Of The Kitchen And Asks The Entire Front Room Who Made His Daughter Cry





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