WATCH: Viral Video Shows Fast Food Restaurant Employee Taking A Bubble Bath In The KITCHEN SINK!

WATCH: Viral Video Shows Fast Food Restaurant Employee Taking A Bubble Bath In The KITCHEN SINK!

The now-deleted clip made its rounds on social media showing a Wendy's employee climbing into a sink full of sudsy water to take a bath, wearing only a pair of shorts.

Fast food restaurants follow a series of protocols to ensure that acceptable levels of hygiene are maintained. These standards are compulsory because employees of these restaurants are handling large quantities of food that will be consumed by someone. 

Picture for representational purposes only. Source: Pexels

So, to make sure they are constantly given a clearance from the health department, fast food restaurants also require their employees to maintain hygiene protocols so as to not land themselves in a lawsuit. And well, one fast food restaurant employee took this to heart and decided to get extra clean in the restaurant by taking a bubble bath in the eatery's kitchen sink.

Picture for representational purposes only. Source: Pixabay

A viral, 93-second video showed a Wendy's employee taking a bath in the restaurant's oversized sink. The clip showed the man climbing into the sink full of sudsy water, wearing only a pair of shorts. 


As if we needed more reasons to avoid fast food joints, this just adds to the paranoia!


The person recording the video can be heard encouraging the strange act, asking him to 'take a bath' and 'get in there'. The shameless dude gleefully obliges and starts bathing himself in the giant sink, which we're sure is used to wash utensils that are eventually used.


"Turn the jets on!" he urged as he washed his armpits, before asking other employees for a towel. Just so you know, that sentence was written with great difficulty given the extreme upchuck reflex this writer is currently holding down, because EW, MAN!


As per reports, the incident supposedly took place at a Wendy's outlet located in Florida (ALWAYS with the weird news, Florida!), and the restaurant's owners were not exactly happy with the young man's need to stay squeaky-clean. The uber-hygienic dude now no longer works at the restaurant, and health inspectors shut down the restaurant till it passed another thorough inspection. 


Thankfully this Wendy's restaurant in question passed the inspection and reopened its doors after getting the all-clear signal from State inspectors. 

Watch the disgusting video here:


This just goes to show that kids these days, they'd do anything for the 'Gram. 

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