Meet 49-year Old Vet Who Walks Around California And Treats Animals Belonging To Homeless People For Free.

Meet 49-year Old Vet Who Walks Around California And Treats Animals Belonging To Homeless People For Free.

Meet 49-year old vet, who is making all the difference in the world. Since 2011, Stewart has been helping homeless people by treating their animals and giving them free medical checkups and food. On his GoFund Me page, he has written,  “Giving a little can make all the difference.”

1. People who appear as a ray of hope



Given the tough time the economy is facing, more and more people have faced homelessness in the past few years. According to a survey,  more than 500 000 million people in the US were officially counted as homeless. The residents of the state of California were the most affected. Up to 151,278 people, last year were left on the street.

Life is tough and this world has become a hard place to survive, where it is only cut and throat competition everywhere and everyone is competing to survive here. Fortunately, there are people who appear as a ray of hope in this world. Many of the homeless people who live on roads know what it takes to live an unsheltered life. These people share their food and bed with animals and often make animals their close companions. 

Working as a street veterinarian, Stewart Kwane started his mission to take care of the pets of the homeless in 2011.

2. “There was something about it that I loved” 



In 2007 when the great recession hit the people and many people lost their means of earning, it was at that time that Stewart decided to lend his helping hand. The 49-year-old veterinarian said,  “There was something about it that I loved.”  He helps people out by buying basic medicine and food for their animals. To raise donations for covering all the surgeries these four-legged patients need, he runs a GoFundMe page. He explains, “The cost of minor treatments like ear infections, flea treatment, or vaccines can be around $100, whereas more serious cases like a tumor removal or dental with extractions can be $1,500.” 

As a specialist in his field, he treats skin and ear infections, allergies, bad teeth, flea infestations, and arthritis.

3. On his page, he wrote,  “Giving a little can make all the difference.”




4.  Stewart's job is broadcasted on a TV series called “The Street Vet”









Dinker is a street dog that lives with his homeless owner Walter and the two of them share a very close bond. Stewart said about this case, “Unfortunately, Dinker has a very rare condition that requires surgery from a specialist.” The vet is giving all his effort to make this surgery happen, but he needs our help to make it happen.

Despite being a difficult job Stewart loves his job. He hopes that he continues with his work and be able to help these people out.  He says, “I’ve experienced the most genuine stories of love, compassion, struggle, and hope.”

He continues to fight for his job and on his GoFund me page he has written, “I am blown away by your generosity!” He now set a higher goal to bring more vets on the streets to help him and his so-called patients.




If you wish to help, you can donate here GoFundMe


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