USA’s first surviving sextuplets graduated from high school and are pursuing higher education.

USA’s first surviving sextuplets graduated from high school and are pursuing higher education.

America’s first set of surviving sextuplets has graduated high school and is going to continue their post-secondary education in their home state of Alabama this fall.

We have heard of quadruplets and quintuplets but sextuplets? I have never heard of a surviving set of sextuplets. So, when I came across this piece of news, I was blown away.
Kiera, Kaylynne, Kaleb, Kieran, Kobe, and Kyle, who were all once so small they could fit in the palm of their father’s hand, are now officially high school graduates and are all set to live their lives.



The sextuplets were born to Chris and Diamond Harris in 2002.
On top of being the first set of six children born at one birth, each baby is a miracle baby delivered via C-section at 26.5 weeks.



Chris and Diamond were already parents to Dewayne, Diamond’s 5-year-old son from a previous marriage, but they wanted children of their own as well.
The couple was struggling to get pregnant, so they turned to fertility drugs that really overdid things. LOL
The couple was told that they were expecting twins who came as a surprise. Later, the sonogram proved that they were actually going to become parents to five little babies. Little did they know they were going to get a surprise in the delivery room. In just one day, their family grew by half a dozen, and America got its first-ever set of surviving black sextuplets.



The six preemie babies all only weighed between a pound and three ounces and a pound and twelve ounces.
Each child was struggling on his own. Chris said, 

“Kaleb worried me because he was like transparent almost. I could see his organs. I could see his veins, and I was really, really worried.”

The children needed ventilators for the first two days after their birth to help them breathe. But even once they were able to breathe on their own, there was still cause for concern.



Thankfully, by October of 2002, all of the babies were healthy enough to head home with their parents.
Defying all odds, the set of four boys and two girls are now happy, healthy adults and have all earned their high school diplomas.



Proud dad Chris recently shared a photo online showing his children in their blue caps and gowns.



Although their parents are divorced, the children are tight-knit and are inseparable.

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Article Source: Diply

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