UPS Delivery Guy Brings a Special Package for the Kid Who Was Not Getting Any.

UPS Delivery Guy Brings a Special Package for the Kid Who Was Not Getting Any.

This delivery guy saw how a kid was interested in getting a package that he was delivering and went out of the way to get him one.

The pandemic has been pretty hard for everyone around the world. However, the kids have been affected the most. Where they want to play in parks, go over for play dates and enjoy birthday parties, they are stuck at home with nothing exciting to do.
Hence, it is a time when humanity stands together. It’s the small gestures that make life worth living. No matter where you are, you can always get a chance to make a fellow human feel special.
Hector Velasco a UPPS delivery guy taught us that. Velasco regularly delivers packages in the Walbuck family’s neighborhood. For some time, their son Langston would stand out on his family's balcony, watching as Hector went about his business delivering packages and noticed that Hector never dropped one off for him.



Intrigued by how one gets its hands on a UPS package, the boy decided to go to Velasco and tell him that he wants one as well. The delivery guy was struck by the boy's forthrightness and resolved to do something about it.
He said,

“I came right up to your neighbors and he's like 'I want one too!' I felt like I couldn't do anything at the time, but I'm like you know what, let me see if I can try to bright his day, you know what I mean.”

At this point, Hector let Langston's parents, Brooke and Sam, in on his plan to drop something off for their son.



The note says,

“Hi, this is Hector, your UPS driver. [I've] seen your son plenty of times on the balcony and he seems very sad [that] he doesn't get any packages. I told him 'don't worry, maybe next time.' So, anyway, I've bought something and put it in a box. Just wanted to know his name so I can put it on the box.”

As soon as he could put something together, Hector did indeed make a delivery just for Langston. The package had candy and cars inside.





Langston’s family was thrilled by this act of kindness and told the media that the boy felt very special. The boy’s mother shared the pictures on Facebook with a caption,

"Humanity is a pretty amazing thing. Our UPS driver, Hector, made a huge impact on our family today with a gesture we will never forget.”

Article Source: Diply

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