Upcycle Your Broken Flower Pots Into These Happy Fairylands!

Upcycle Your Broken Flower Pots Into These Happy Fairylands!

Here comes a very brilliant idea for ones who admire art and gardening both. As People are upcycling their broken flower pots into happy fairylands.

We usually consider a broken flower pot as totally invaluable that needs to be dumped only. Because There's no use for it. You can't exactly plant anything in it.

Well, think again! Seems there are things you can do with a broken pot after all. And some people are turning their broken pots into elaborate fairy planters.

This planter's creativity is just winning our hearts as making a staircase from the broken pieces and lining up to the gazebo with flowers all along is a brilliantly creative idea.




Look at this broken flower pot transformed luminously into a happy fairyland and it looks cooler at night, as the lighting adds to its color.




Check out this amazing piece of art in which different broken flower pots are arranged to make a happy fairy land. Look how cute these little red mushrooms look!




Another super cute fairy garden is here with the cutest of gnomes and a perfect imaginative castle.




This one was an entry into the 2018 San Diego Country Fair. And the cute little dragon got my eye along with this MnMs carpet.




This idea is allowing you to bring your childhood fantasies alive. This piece of art is superb with that cute little house!




The variety of green plants in this idea is pushing me to buy more plants for my garden.





This white flower pot is making me love this piece of art. The cute little teacups adding to the beauty!




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