Undercover Officers Disguised As Santa And His Elf Arrest Car Theft Gang Red Handed!

Undercover Officers Disguised As Santa And His Elf Arrest Car Theft Gang Red Handed!

Police officers dressed as Santa and his Elf managed to arrest car theft gang in Riverside, California.

On Thursday 10 December, Detectives from the Riverside Police Department's Property Crimes Unit targeted retail theft at a busy shopping center by conducting a 'holiday enforcement program'. 

The department informed the public through a Facebook page, "For several hours, detectives and officers worked directly with loss prevention specialists at the Target store in the Canyon Springs shopping center."

video surveillance was conducted inside the store by the detectives and the loss prevention whereas other officers stayed outside on stand by to detain the suspects. 

outside, a detective and an officer waited, dressed as a waiter and an elf. 


Santa and his Elf



Santa grabs the thief



As the suspects left the store with some products they just stole, Santa and his elf were waiting to take them into custody for the theft."

Three arrests were made during the operation. Detectives also received information about three suspicious men 'casing vehicles in the shopping center parking lots'.

"One of the undercover detectives spotted these three men as they were in the act of stealing an older white Honda CR-V," Riverside Police explains.

Two of the men beat up the detective and ran off, but were quickly seized by the other officers.

One of the suspects resisted while being arrested but was then taken into custody by the undercover detective dressed as 

Santa. while another thief was detained by the elf. The third suspect managed to steal a Honda to flee but was stopped and so the driver left it nearby.




The suspected driver was not seen anywhere near the abandoned Honda but the police had identified him and will soon be making an arrest for car theft in the future.

On the footage of the alleged robbery, the officer dressed as Santa can be seen tackling a suspect to the ground while his elf, holding the other at gunpoint. 

The person filming can be heard saying in the clip: "Get him Santa."

One of the two apprehended suspects was identified and later released. The other was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and resisting arrest. 

Detective Paul Miranda who was working undercover at the store that day told BC Los Angeles, "When I looked over my shoulder I saw Santa running by me, going after the second subject."

He also said," We worked inside the store, identified shoplifters and when they split the scene, Santa was there to take them into custody."

Miranda added: "They [the two suspects] were apologetic and Santa is currently deciding whether they stay on the naughty list."

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Article source: ladbible

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