Two friends wear the same outfits to prove that looking good is all about style & not size.

Two friends wear the same outfits to prove that looking good is all about style & not size.

A trend #stylenotsize launched by two friends who made a loud statement with their subtle action of wearing the same outfits on different sizes went viral. In 2019, the two started posting photos on Instagram of their matching outfits to show what the clothing looks like on two different body types.

For years and centuries, society has determined a beauty standard for everyone. They say that in order to look attractive and beautiful we’ve got to be a certain shape and size and colour too. 

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But now this thing is old and most of the younger generation doesn't believe it and people have begun accepting their bodies. This was evident from the public's extravagant and positive response to the two friends who decided to show the world that looking good is about style and not size.




A plus-size model, Denis Mercedes, launched a TikTok challenge called ‘Style Not Size’ with her friend , Maria Castellanos. Both of them embraced their body shapes and followed the same taste in fashion. 




The girls filmed themselves wearing the same outfits of almost every type to prove that style has no size barriers. They rocked the formal outfits to prove that for a person slaying is not defined by size at all.




Moreover, the most traumatizing shopping for oversized girls because of the society was of swimsuits which was made easy by the girls. The people out there supported both of them wholeheartedly. 




Furthermore, they also slayed the classic Calvin Klein look in their matching outfits. Also they wore a sky blue dress that looked perfect on each of their bodies redefining the definition of beauty and perfection.






The classy business look had me in real anticipation because the girls made the statement clear and got the exact response they aimed for.




The video which had the body positive message went viral on TikTok and took the internet by storm, and was being liked over 4.7 million times.

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