Two Elderly Sisters Steal Half A Million Dollars From Catholic School To Gamble In VEGAS!

Two Elderly Sisters Steal Half A Million Dollars From Catholic School To Gamble In VEGAS!

Two sisters who worked at St Joseph's School in Redondo Beach, California stole as much as $500,000 in tuition, fees and school donations to allegedly go gamble in Las Vegas.

In a hilariously strange turn of events, two sisters from a Southern Californian Catholic chapel are under serious doubt of having stolen school financing up to a measure of $500,000. Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang purportedly utilized a portion of the cash – taken from educational cost, school charges, and gifts – to take excursions and bet at gambling clubs. 



Kreuper had been a principal at St. James Catholic School in Torrance, while Chang had functioned as a teacher. The two sisters, depicted as being 'closest companions', had taken retirement not long ago. The misappropriation of school reserves had supposedly been going on 'over a period of years,' with guardians being led to believe that the school had been working on a 'shoestring spending plan'. 

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The two sisters have apparently communicated regret with respect to their activities, and neither archdiocese nor the congregation will be seeking after criminal accusations. As announced by the Press-Telegram, the congregation's Monsignor Michael Meyers has uncovered how an interior examination was propelled a half year prior after a standard review of techniques 'regarding an adjustment in administration'. 

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Around this time, a family asked for a duplicate of a check made out to the school. At that point, it became pretty evident that the money had been kept in an alternate ledger than the school's record. It was now, Meyers noticed, that Kreuper turned out to be 'extremely apprehensive and exceptionally restless' with respect to the approaching budgetary survey, sparking doubts. 

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Consequently, an autonomous criminological reviewer was brought in to investigate what was happening, and this was the point at which the degree of the deceit was uncovered. The embezzlement had been going on for at least a decade, with the figure given representing only what auditors were able to trace through six years’ worth of bank records.

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The figure may have not included other cash transactions. Moreover, just Kreuper and Chang thought about the 'long forgotten' chapel financial balance which had been initially opened in 1997. Bank records going back before 2012 purportedly no longer exist. 

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Chang taught eighth grade for almost 20 years. She was promoted to vice principal, a job she held for several years before she also retired after last school year. The sisters’ order will reimburse the school. It also said it will mete out ‘appropriate’ penalties to the sisters.



The sisters used a majority of the money for 'personal gain', officials said. However, some of the money was 'recycled' back to school. In a letter last month, Meyers said that the school has put in place new procedural and oversight mechanisms to ensure that similar instances won’t happen again. 


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