Twin sisters graduate together the top of their class as Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Twin sisters graduate together the top of their class as Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Twin sisters from Texas graduated high school together as valedictorian and salutatorian after spending the last four years in the school getting various academic titles.

This pair of twins named Judith and Janette Briseño from Texas made history by graduating together at 17 with the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian. The two finished their secondary school educations at the top of their class, with only one one-hundredth of a point separating their impressive GPA.



Although they were academic rivals all their lives, the sisters share a very strong bond. They are always together in extra-curricular activities outside the class and share the same set of friends as well.
While talking to Good Morning America, Judith said, 

“We are very close. We would compete with one another, but it was healthy and friendly."

Judith finished the senior year with 3.95 CGPA while her sister Janette finished with 3.94.
Their age gap is still a debate, though. According to Judith, 

“The doctor said one minute, but the birth certificate says two.”

The twins’ high school career was filled with plenty of advanced classes and extra-curricular activities, all culminating in their prestigious academic titles.
The sisters participated in the same clubs and classes, which included junior ROTC, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, calculus club, and senior leaders. On top of this, they also took a couple of AP courses.



The secret to their success is their amazing bond and the fact that they pushed each other, with one often coming out ahead of the other and vice-versa. But they also helped each other, too.
Janette said, 

“It really doesn’t happen that a val and sal are twins, so we were happy that we were able to accomplish that. There’s no bitterness — I’m just happy to be up there with [Judith].”



Of course, this road was not easy, particularly since both Judith and Janette are undocumented immigrants.
Judith explained,

“Our family moved to the U.S. when we were 2 years old, so we’ve been here all our lives, right? But unfortunately, some things have just been harder, especially for scholarships and financial aid. Even though we’ve had such good achievements, 90% or more of scholarships require a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and because we just don’t even have any status, it’s been hard. All of my friends in high school around the same time, they were getting a job, getting their driver’s license, and we just could never do that.”



But hey, when you put in hard work, it pays off, right? It’s certainly inspiring to see two young, incredibly intelligent women succeed without letting anything get in the way of that success.

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Article and Image Source: Diply

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