Try 'RAGE YOGA' Today And Release All Your Stress Simply Through SWEARING And BEER!

Try 'RAGE YOGA' Today And Release All Your Stress Simply Through SWEARING And BEER!

On the off chance that you've ever tried your hand at yoga and failed miserably, we've got the perfect alternative for you. Introducing 'rage yoga', the only fun way to release stress!

Numerous individuals discover their inward harmony and joy by frequently doing yoga. Nonetheless, there are particular individuals who need something more extraordinary to get their brimming antagonism out, and that is the sole motivation behind why 'Rage Yoga' exists in the first place. 


As indicated by CBS DFW 21 News, Rage Yoga comes to us straightforwardly from Ashley Duzich of Ashley Duzich Wellness in Houston, Texas. She said "Some people need to release and let go," and she gives them the perfect place to do so! Duzich describes 'Rage Yoga' as "a practice that involves breathing, stretching, mood draws, yoga postures and a lot of bad humor." 


She further expressed "Yoga itself actually means union… so union with yourself. And that’s not always just super-calm, breathing, practicing quiet time, like a lot of yoga places are." However, if you're thinking why should you choose 'Rage Yoga', Duzich explained so herself. She said "We are all angry about something and we all have been holding onto an ‘F’-bomb for a little bit too long," 


"So that’s what this does – is – it allows you to have a safe space to let go of your and frustration and rage in a healthy way… and then also wash it all away with some ice cold beer," she added. Talking about how the idea came to life, Ashley stated: "I was inspired to do this when I was in a low point in my life and my regular yoga practice of 10 years was no longer serving me and allowing me to release all of the negativity I was feeling." 


Furthermore, as indicated by her Facebook page, Duzich experienced childhood on the gulf coast of Texas and she graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with a degree in Exercise Science in December of 2013. Also, the official Rage Yoga site says that all the instructors have finished their accreditation program and likewise have at least 200 hours of yoga instructor confirmation. 


Moreover, as far as people releasing their stress goes, Duzich said that she has heard some absolutely amusing upheavals amid yoga sessions. "This is a great thing to just scream it out. One of the funniest things I think I ever heard was, 'I told you to do the dishes!'" she expressed. 


However, it's not the run of the mill yoga workout that you would normally envision before entering the wellness center. "We actually take beer breaks during the class," said Duzich. "It’s definitely not for everybody and that’s totally OK… I also don’t recommend bringing your children," she stated. 


All in all, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this rather entertaining yoga trend is surely here to stay. And with people facing immense stress on a daily basis, it's only natural to look for a perfect way out, and 'Rage Yoga' is just that! So, kick off your shoes, get your vocabulary ready and open up a fizzy bottle of beer, it's yoga time! 


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