Trumps campaign Senior Adviser calls Hillary Clinton ‘saddest case of Trump derangement syndrome'.

Trumps campaign Senior Adviser calls Hillary Clinton ‘saddest case of Trump derangement syndrome'.

Trump Campaign Senior Adviser Lara Trump, while discussing the final stretch of Trump's campaign trail ahead of Election Day, calls Hillary Clinton 'the saddest case of Trump derangement syndrome'.

With just a few days left for the presidential election in the US, preparations and campaigns are in full swing. However, all this has still not stopped the participants, their teams, and their supporters from blaming the opposition and calling them names.




In a recent interview with Fox News, Trump campaign, senior advisor Lara Trump called Hillary Clinton 'the saddest case of Trump derangement syndrome'.
When she was asked whether President Trump plans on having three or four rallies every day, she said,

“Yes. The president is going to have three, four rallies, and then I think we're actually going to bump them up to five rallies. And this is per his request. You remember, in 2016, he was excited every day to get out and do as many rallies talk to as many Americans as possible. And that's exactly what he plans to do quite a different scene than on the Biden campaign whose principal Joe Biden has called a lid on it. Eight days away from the election. It's actually mind-boggling. I think people see this and they wonder what the heck is going on over there at the Biden campaign. But look, the president's in Pennsylvania all day. It's a very important state for us to win.”




She further said,

“I think Joe Biden absolutely damaged himself. Probably. He's never going to get over it with Pennsylvania's over the fracking comments over the oil comments, over what he said at the debate. So, it's interesting to see that the Biden campaign is not campaigning, but you see what the president's doing, doing what he always does. And he's got the stamina.”




After this, Lara was asked about Hillary Clinton and how she said ‘some harsh words for Republicans’ that are supporting Trump.
For those who don’t know, Hillary said,

“Most Republicans have been cowards, spineless, enablers of President Trump.”

As a reply to this, Lara said,

“Well, this is probably the saddest case of Trump derangement syndrome I've ever seen with Hillary Clinton. I don't think anyone has yet informed her that not only did she not win the election in 2016, but that most Republicans always want to support president Trump. We know that we've seen time and time again, it's the Republicans who actually kind of stay away from the president who hurt themselves. You know, in a lot of their local races, people are very happy to align themselves with a president who has been incredibly successful and done so many great things for the American people. So, I think it's a ridiculous statement, but again, it's Hillary Clinton. So, what else do you expect?”




Further explaining the campaign, Trumps daughter in law said,

“You know, our family has the strategy much different than the Biden campaign that we all need to get out. We need to work for every single vote. So, our entire family steward is spread out all across the country. I don't campaign with my husband, my father-in-law, we are all out in different areas of the country. And then I think on the last day, probably next Monday, we're all going to hopefully go to a couple of rallies together at the very end like we did in 2016. We'll see how it goes, but no we're out working for every vote in different States across the country.”




Here is a video of the interview: 




The campaign is in full bloom right now. Make sure you don’t waste your vote. Go out to vote for whoever you think is worth it.

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