Truckers Share The Things They Have To Deal With At Night

Truckers Share The Things They Have To Deal With At Night

Truckers or people driving at night share their stories that they witnessed in the middle of the night. From seeing a naked young boy in the middle of the road to being attacked by a group of people with knives, these truckers tell how dangerous roads can be at night.

People who are truckers or drive at night for some other purpose might know how dangerous and scary nights can be when there is no one on the road and it is pitch black. These truckers share the scary things that they had to witness while being on their job that makes us wonder how risky driving at night is and how brave these people are.

1. He Guns It Smashing Their Car Out Of The Way And Goes Around The Roundabout And Drives To The Nearest Police Station And Tells Them What Happens



2. It Looked Like The Guy Had Been Running Toward Him Until He Got His Truck Running And Drove Away



3. While The Stream Is Flowing, I Felt Like I Was Being Watched



4. One Was Heavily Pregnant And The Other Was Disabled



5. I'm A Very Safe Driver, So I Too The Downgrade Slow And Crawled Up The Other Side With My Hazards On



6. The Cab Was Right Up Against The Trailer And I Was Being Pushed Down The Hill Sideways



7. I Wake Up Around 3 Am To The Headlights Of Several Trucks



8. On The Side Of The Road Just Past This, There Was A Grown Man And A Little Girl Knelt Down On The Side Of The Road Doing Something



9. He Flashed His Light Around And Saw Dozens Of Pairs Of Red Eyes Watching Him



10. He Picked The Kid Up And Called It Into Local Law Enforcement





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