Tommy Lee Says That He Drunk Two Gallons Of Vodka On Every Day Last Year

Tommy Lee Says That He Drunk Two Gallons Of Vodka On Every Day Last Year

During a video call with Yahoo Entertainment on Friday, the legendary Motley Crue drummer shared this information.

Crüe drummer Tommy Lee says he drank two gallons of vodka a day at one stage last year, and after ending his band's last show, 'did nothing, totally zero.'

So, two gallons is a terrible batch of vodka. To be able to consume that amount, you'd have to do very little else.

That is precisely what Lee claims he's been doing, though. Apparently, a full glass of vodka will wake up and skull, making its way into two gigantic gallon bottles — do you remember the ones they have behind a bar? -every single day.


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Speaking in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, he explained: "It was crazy, I mean, I've been sober for four years, and I've been sort of on and off for a long time.

"I go through these phases where I just want to live a different life and f*** all the dumb s***. And then I decide, 'You know what? I don't want to live like that anymore. I want to have a lot of play and be f***ed up and stupid and all that s***."

"So, in this particular instance, I had been home... I had all this time at home, not touring, just being at home... I literally did nothing. I would just float around, drink, and just f***ing drink."

He added: "I didn't notice it until towards the end of it, when I was like, 'Oh dude, I've got to stop. This is f***ing insane.'


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"Like, I was drinking just out of boredom. I would just wake up and be just building [a glass with] just all vodka and just a little eyedropper of cranberry or lemonade. I was drinking two gallons - not pints, not quarts, but gallons, the big-handles - a day.

"That's f***ing crazy. I just realised, 'Whoa dude, you're drinking enough to like, you could probably die.' And it wasn't even fazing me. I just became sort of immune to it."

Since then, at the behest of his wife, Brittany Furlan, he has found therapeutic support. Now, he's going to celebrate a full year of sobriety after recovering from rehab.

He continued: "She was like, 'Baby, I don't think I've ever even seen anybody drink that much. Like, you're kind of scaring me. Like, are you going to wake up? Am I going to wake up to, like, you not breathing?'"

Although he can't be sure how long his sobriety can last, because he doesn't know if it's a "everlasting thing" or not, he said, "But I'm not drinking vodka today right now,"
Looks like a good idea that's interesting. Over the course of this wretched pandemic, Lee has been reasonably busy, and has finished work on a solo album called ANDRO, which is out on October 16.

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