Tired of constant clutter? This mom shared an amazing cardboard DIY for storing shoes.

Tired of constant clutter? This mom shared an amazing cardboard DIY for storing shoes.

With toddlers, clutter is inevitable but efficient DIYs like this one can help save a lot of time, clutter, and effort.

Moms are the energy of the house. They do so much from cooking, cleaning, bathing, worrying, and whatnot. Amidst all this, when your toddlers are constantly cluttering the house, it’s a nightmare, especially for women who like to keep their house spick and span at all times.




This one mom was so sick of her kids’ shoes being dumped on the stairs she came up with a smart idea to organize them, and it cost her virtually nothing. I wish I were that smart.
This is a familiar sight in most of our houses.



Kids usually consider stairs as their own dumping ground, and they leave shoes all over the place.
To tackle the situation, this mom came up with a bespoke stair basket since the ones available online were quite pricey.
Instead of shelling the money out, she decided to DIY and made a stair basket of her own.




Using some cardboard lying around the house, she made a structure similar to Wayfair’s stair basket. It was the perfect material for it.



Here’s step by step instructions of what she did.
1.       Measure the stairs correctly and create the perfect L-shaped box.
This way, the box will fit around the stairs perfectly.




2.       Cut a piece of fabric to the size of the structure.
Of course, she needed the basket to look good. That way, it wouldn’t be just another eyesore.




3.       Use PVA glue to stick the fabric on all sides.
Voila, your stair basket is ready.



She created a cute Mary Poppins-inspired bespoke stair basket, so now her kids’ shoes wouldn’t be all over the place. Although she doesn’t think the box is perfect, she does think its way better than before, and I agree.
The idea was posted on Extreme Coupon, and Bargains UK Facebook group and all the other moms started chiming in.
They all loved her DIY idea and thought it was simply brilliant. Now they want to make one, too. Sometimes it only takes a simple idea and good execution to create something you would otherwise need to spend money on. However, sometimes spending money can also prove fruitful as this vending machine mom did.

Article and Image Source: Diply

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