Three-year-old Little Boy Orders €30 Worth Of McDonald's Chips And Also Adds A Tip

Three-year-old Little Boy Orders €30 Worth Of McDonald's Chips And Also Adds A Tip

This three-year-old cheeky little boy ordered 10 portions of Mcdonald's chips worth €30 from his dad's phone and also gave the €3 tip.

1. This little boy, 3, ordered McDonald's chips and also didn't forget to pay the tip

Harry is a cheeky little three-year-old guy who managed to order 10 portions of chips from his dad's phone and yes, he didn't forget the tip. 


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2. Harry Keogh-Lee ordered his favorite chips on 14 August when he was watching funny youtube videos on daddy's phone

The kid's parents were totally clueless about the order until the bell rang.

Speaking to LADbible, Harry's mum, Ashley Keogh, 27, explained: "Harry's waiting to be assessed for Autism and is obsessed with McDonald's. It's one of the few things he'll actually eat for us.

Credit: LADbible


3. The total order was worth €30 out of which €3.99 was the delivery fee and the  €3 was the tip

"When the delivery arrived the man had knocked on the door and started walking downstairs, we live in a first-floor apartment, when I realized he'd left a bag of food I called him back and told him he had the wrong address."
"He assured me he had the right house and showed me the receipt which had Harry's dads name and number on it. Harry's dad has been working from home because of Covid so I then assumed he'd ordered without telling me - I'm on a diet so I couldn't eat anything.
"But when I opened the bag and saw two smaller bags full of chips I knew something wasn't right. Then Harry came running towards the food screaming 'yayyyy yummies'.


Credit: LADbible


"It started to click with me that harry was the culprit and when I checked his phone I saw 'thanks for your order' on the app I realised it was in fact Harry that had ordered the food."

His parents couldn't believe their little boy was the culprit, Harry gave them a good laugh.

Ashley added: "It was the funniest thing Harry's done and to be honest if I wasn't here to see it myself I wouldn't have believed it."
"I never thought to remove my details off it because it's literally just known as 'Harry's YouTube phone'. If I'd have known he could order food id have taken my details off ages ago.
"Harry had almost two medium chips to himself the rest went between my son and the neighbours kids. He was the most popular boy on the road that day."

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Image Credit: LADbible

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