Thousands Of Cars Line Up At One Texas Food Bank As Job Losses Hit Hard

Thousands Of Cars Line Up At One Texas Food Bank As Job Losses Hit Hard

The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) helped give out more than 600,000 pounds of food, including 7,280 turkeys, to nearly 25,000 people at the Drive-Thru Mobile Pantry in Fair Park, Dallas. Nearly 3.8 million people have filed for unemployment relief since the beginning of the pandemic.

The food bank delivery event hosted in Dallas on Saturday by the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB), saw 600,000 pounds of food giving away, including 7,000 turkeys.
Photos taken by NTFB display thousands of cars on Saturday morning lined up on four lines outside Fair Park, with lines continuing to stretch several miles. Texas was the first US state to record 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases last week with over 119,000 of those cases registered in Dallas County. Since the onset of the pandemic, nearly 3.8 million people have applied for unemployment insurance, double the rate at the beginning of the year.

The outbreak happened just over a week after Texas became the first state to exceed a million cases of coronavirus and less than two weeks before Thanksgiving.

NTFB spokesperson Anna Kurian told CNN that with the pandemic, the demand for food has likely risen, resulting in work losses and school closures, as well as hospital bills for those needing care for the virus.

Kurian noted that the food bank case, which was the fifth giveaway in Fair Park since the pandemic started in March, had a number of newcomers.




She commented:

40% of the folks coming through our partners’ doors are doing so for the first time.

Aerial views shows thousands of cars in line to pick up food, with one local, Samantha Woods, expressing her appreciation to the organisers, saying, 'I see blessings coming to us because we are all suffering. And I appreciate that North Texas has been helping us out.'




Woods added:

It really is amazing and I thank God that I was able to get in the line this morning.

Mitchell Ward, who helped plan the event on Saturday, told CBS DFW a 'whole lot of people' joined in to help make it possible, including the Food Bank of North Texas, the Food Bank of Tarrant County, the Union of Baptist Pastors and a local pastor's volunteers.

NTFB President Trisha Cunningham said it was a very humbling scene to see so many in need and said she was proud of her team and the city "for having some support and treatment during these exceptional times."




A total of 109,022 confirmed coronavirus cases were registered yesterday in Dallas, which is home to 1.3 million residents, and 9,862 probable cases since the epidemic started, NBC DFW reported.

On the same day the mobile food bank was held, health officials in Dallas County announced the county's largest single-day number of new coronavirus cases, registering 1,454 new confirmed cases and 89 probable cases.

With more mobile pantry activities planned for the week, NTFB aims to continue supporting people unable to afford food.

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