This woman waited 13 years for his husband to get out of jail only to watch him get deported.

This woman waited 13 years for his husband to get out of jail only to watch him get deported.

The 30-year-old woman has been in love with husband since 10 years but during this time they have only spent 50 days together.

Having met her husband two years into a 13-year prison sentence for attempted murder, Carla, 30, and Erik Aguirre, 31, from California, were understandably excited to be reunited on the outside - having spent only around 50 days of their decade-long relationship together.




However, their joy was short-lived as on the day of his release Erik was sent to an immigration detention center, before being deported back to his native country Mexico where he hadn’t lived since the age of 10.
The couple now lives together in Tijuana, Mexico, and say that while the switch from 15-minute daily phone calls to 24:7 cohabitation took some adjusting to, they are now happily settled and planning a family together.




Erik says that Carla’s love changed his outlook on life and the pair now share their lives on their YouTube channel, which Carla set up while Erik was incarcerated to help other people with family members or partners in jail.
While explaining his story, Carla said,

“We met while he was already serving his time. He was one year into his sentence. You have a favorite card from an inmate after 13 years in prison. The day of Eric's release finally came around. But not everything went to plan that day. On the day of his release, I picked out a real nice outfit and he never showed up. I felt like my whole world was just shattered. It was very sad. Like I drove home crying the whole way home and I wasn't able to talk to him or see him.”




Instead of coming home to Takala, Eric was sent to an immigration detention center.
Eric added,

“I felt guilty. A lot of times she was waiting for me or she could have done a lot of stuff over a career. I knew that he had a certain amount of time left, so I went in knowing already what I was getting myself into. I was happy. I was nervous. I was really excited. We waited for that to happen for ten years. I woke up, got ready, and I was excited to go pick them up. And when they get there, they're like, oh, no, you're not going to get released.”




Despite all these difficulties, they found a way to be together. Carla accompanied Erik on his relocation to Mexico, and they started to rebuild their lives together
She explained,

“He got deported. And we're here in Mexico now. Making the move to Mexico, I was scared because, like, I've never been to Mexico, he was in prison for so long that he had no idea how to socialize, how to be about how to do anything, uprooting her life. The first three nights, we slept on the floor and it was very, very cold and it was horrible. My family was not that happy that I was moving to Mexico because obviously everybody knows everybody goes to America for a better life.”




Nevertheless, the couple is happy and is thriving together. They had to transition from a long-distance relationship to living together which was a little trickier than what they expected but they say it is all good now and they are happy.



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