This Woman Thinks Her Dead Cat Visited Her Exactly A Year After Her Death, Shows Footage As Proof.

This Woman Thinks Her Dead Cat Visited Her Exactly A Year After Her Death, Shows Footage As Proof.

This woman from England shared a video on Reddit and asked the public if they think her cat who died last year visited her. Go through the video and let us know of your opinion?

Whoever is a pet parent will know the important role pets play in our lives. The love that we share with our pet is that unspeakable bond that words are not enough to describe it.  Most people wouldn't know, but losing a pet to death is a gutwrenching experience that is not only painful but can leave a void in life that can never be filled. 

Recently, a Reddit user by the name of chlochan from Swindon, England shared a video on her account in which she supposedly captured her dead cat named Blackjack. The woman shared the video and asked pubic if they also see her dead cat in the captured video. People came up with many explanations for the posted video. 

Among the possible reasons were the “stray blanket” theory, a camera matrixing issue hypothesis, the contrast-brightness differential between the camera and the room, etc. Except for a few people who strictly denied the existence of ghosts, and honestly speaking nobody knows anything for sure.

1. This is Blackjack, she passed away a year ago. 



In her interview to BoredPanda, Chloe said,  “It was a normal day, had been out for a few hours, had just got in and went to check my two cats were in so I could open the front door back up to take the back seats for my partner’s stepdad’s minivan out to him without the cats running out the door and getting in the way. You can see I look at the sofa, but I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. It was only when I checked back on the camera (like I do any time we go out) that I noticed something weird, and it seemed like my cat, Blackjack, that passed away exactly a year ago.”










5. Watch the video and give your opinion.

























We shared a similar story last year of a Pregnant woman, from San Diego, California, she shared an ultrasound scan of her unborn second child on facebook. After seeing the scan, her friends pointed out to her that a silhouette appears to be kissing her child. That's when Ms. Carrillo noticed the uncanny resemblance of the silhouette with her father. She then compared the scan with the picture of her late father kissing her first child at her birth. She also shared her heartwarming experience on Reddit where her post went viral.

Image credits: chlochan


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